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GEICO Mailbag

We love hearing from our fans! Here are some of our favorite reactions, comments and questions we’ve received about our latest commercial campaigns and our most beloved mascots.


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Happy #GEICOween 🦎 🎃 #halloween #geico #geicogecko #pumpkin #jackolantern

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Think #geico will hire us?

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Love the Gecko! #geico #geicogecko #salesandservice #garythegecko

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When your 5 yr old is obsessed with the Geico commercial ?? #idinamenzel #geicocommercial @geico

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#djkhaled #anotherone #putinthatworkdevin #geico

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I had to remix this commercial a little bit @djkhaled ? #geico #corny #instagood

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Sloppy sketches For those of you that need to hear it! #geicocommercial #geicopinocchio

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  1. Toby says,

    So I have an idea for your home commercials.
    The actors talk about the problem with leeks. Spelled this way on purpose. And have the (vegetable) leeks in the home. 🙂

    Let me know what you think.

  2. Joseph Allen Hitzel says,

    We miss Maxwell the Geico Pig; what happened to Maxwell? We want Maxwell back. Can you bring him back? We would really like to see him again. We all miss him dearly.

  3. Shirley Fern says,

    As a long time, totally insured by GEICO, customer, it is disturbing to hear the classless, ridiculous, very annoying GEICO radio commercials that have nothing to do with insurance. Radio is on and off all day when I hear a guy screaming about rolling socks in a ball, and a woman going on and on about a shower singer in the apartment above her. GEICO always seemed like such a dignified insurance company, but these last couple years your advertising has depicted you as everything but dignified. I can’t believe those who approve these ads for GEICO are adults with such an important position, it’s sounds more like a bunch of silly kids having a lot of fun. I enjoy radio I listen to all day, but GEICO ads are interfering in a major way with that enjoyment. I learn a lot listening to daytime radio, but nothing about insurance from your GEICO ads.

  4. Rosana Woodard says,

    Geico commercials used to be GREAT. They have now “gone to the dogs.” I know a person who would help you become great(er) again.

  5. Anita Evans says,

    My all time favorite commercial is “Wild Thing” at the Motor Vehicle! That woman is SPOT ON hilarious seemingly without even trying! Love to see her on a few more!

  6. Beth M. says,

    Reading through the comments regarding your aunt, rats and clogging commercials- what is wrong with people?? Why do people have to be outraged by everything? I’m so tired of people being so darn prickly. Get a sense of humor for heaven’s sake! These commercials are delightful and I hope you make more of them!

  7. An Aunt Who Cares says,

    Please pull the Aunt commercial. My husband and I don’t have children, and my nephews and nieces mean the world to us. We treat them with care, love, and kindness. The “aunt infestation” commercial is a slap in the face. Everytime I see it I am frustrated, hurt, and angry. Commercials should not single out a group and make them feel badly. Please pull this commercial.

  8. Leonard A. Battista says,

    Been a GEICO customer for many years and have found their rates and service very competitive. I really like some of the most recent commercials, especially the one about ants/aunts. Can’t wait to see this add over and over. Hats off to your advertising department. Feel free to use any part of my comments in your advertising.

  9. Ruth Woolf says,

    I hate that TV commercial of yours that depict older women as nitpicking, bossy old busy-bodies – the worst kind of stereotype! It’s cringe-making! Please take it off the air!