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GEICO Mailbag

We love hearing from our fans! Here are some of our favorite reactions, comments and questions we’ve received about our latest commercial campaigns and our most beloved mascots.


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Happy #GEICOween 🦎 🎃 #halloween #geico #geicogecko #pumpkin #jackolantern

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Think #geico will hire us?

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Love the Gecko! #geico #geicogecko #salesandservice #garythegecko

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When your 5 yr old is obsessed with the Geico commercial ?? #idinamenzel #geicocommercial @geico

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#djkhaled #anotherone #putinthatworkdevin #geico

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I had to remix this commercial a little bit @djkhaled ? #geico #corny #instagood

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Sloppy sketches For those of you that need to hear it! #geicocommercial #geicopinocchio

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  1. Reina Crespo says,

    House commercial idea…

    “We love our new home, beautiful views, wonderful privacy, plenty of space with tons of character. We just have to deal with “the heat”.
    (In the background – couple undercover police/FBI guys playing poker at the table listening to the neighbors phone lines, another raiding the fridge, telling them they are out of lunch meat, two guys with a scope looking out the windows as they have a neighbor under surveillance – “Is the coffee done yet?”

  2. ann ledesma says,

    I love the lisa loeb commercial and the song audition. That big guy saying his tears are from pollen is great, he really makes the ad!

  3. Tracy says,

    I LOVE YOUR SIDECAR COMMERCIAL! The one with the wedding and looks like the woman drives the bike with the groom in the sidecar. This is one of your best

  4. Adam says,

    Commercial idea in the event that your creative dept/ agency has not thought of this one ….
    “we love this house but the attic is full of garbage.” …. enter Garbage
    “we love our new fixer upper but is taking us forever to get rid of the Garbage.”
    Looking forward to royalty check in the mail 😉
    Keep up the great work!

  5. Phil Stone says,

    In the basketball player blocking shots commercial, it would be a lot funnier and more fair if when the young guy with the cereal got blocked, grabbed another box off the shelf, winged it and got the basket ball player right in the back of his head.