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GEICO Mailbag

We love hearing from our fans! Here are some of our favorite reactions, comments and questions we’ve received about our latest commercial campaigns and our most beloved mascots.


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I had to remix this commercial a little bit @djkhaled 😂 #geico #corny #instagood

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Sloppy sketches For those of you that need to hear it! #geicocommercial #geicopinocchio

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  1. Deanne Taylor says,

    I just viewed the Geico commercial with the woman doing a crossword puzzle, calling her son who is busy fighting off bad guys on a rooftop. As a woman who is in the same age group, I am offended by this commercial. The woman is clueless, has no style in her dress or decorating, keeps on talking when her son asks her to call back, and so on. I would never interrupt either of my grown sons during their work day and I have never asked either of them for help with technology because I like to use my own brain. I am so tired of seeing the dumb older person stereotype in commercials written by 30- somethings.

  2. Carol P says,

    The HOA commercial with Cynthia is funny except for cutting down the mailbox, which is a Federal Offense because it interferes with the US Mail.
    The one with the woman Idina is just awful. It hurts my ears.

  3. bob stentz says,

    your latest batch of commercials are mind numbingly idiotic. they guys in the boat is just plain stupid and Idina Menzel is annoying. I either mute your commercial or change channel.

  4. Janice Marr says,

    Whom ever came up with the comercial with the father and son turtle talking about rv’s and bundles, deserves a pat on the back. My husband and I love the part when Jr say’s “That’s no duck daddy, that’ a vulture”

  5. Kathy Hoffman says,

    Idea for commercial.
    Instead of Rats.
    Do one on Ants (Aunts)
    To many Aunts in a home / apartment building or neighborhood.

  6. Jim says,

    Your Cynthia commercial is anti-social, involves illegal acts, glorifies obnoxious behavior, and turns me against your company

  7. Rhonda says,

    I don’t even know which GEICO commercial it is because it offends my ears beyond belief…a woman is “singing” and it is such a screech that I have to turn my radio off every time it starts. Can you please stop this commercial???

  8. Rick H says,

    I don’t like the commercial where the HOA cuts down the homeowner’s mailbox. This is actually a federal offense punishable by up to 3 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each offense. Your commercial is wrong to make light of this.

  9. Diane says,

    Too many great commercials to pick a favorite but I love the “put the brakes “ on the photocopies one-hilarious! I also would love to see the comic book action figure—the character in the plane —come back. Other companies are trying to emulate but you’re still number 1!

  10. Lori says,

    It’s a federal offense to mess with mailboxes. I’m part of a HOA committee. We send letters we’re not destructive. How stuff is in a garbage bin is not something the HOA would Control. I’m offended. It gives us a bad image. I do like others just not this one.

  11. Lo Christensen says,

    I think that some of your new commercials are offensive. Especially the one where the HOA person cuts down the hanging plants and the mailbox without talking to the owners first. In light of the violent, destructive protests I think this ad is inappropriate.