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GEICO Mailbag

We love hearing from our fans! Here are some of our favorite reactions, comments and questions we’ve received about our latest commercial campaigns and our most beloved mascots.

GEICO Sequels


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Sloppy sketches For those of you that need to hear it! #geicocommercial #geicopinocchio

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Snow Globe Real Estate

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Taco Night

The Gecko Explores an Old Attic

Movie Night With Casper The Friendly Ghost

A Witch For A Third Roommate

Kathy Nichols WTH! That is me without the “Filter”!


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  1. NA says,

    Just saying, a commercial with a discount for “auto” payment could be funny.
    Board room style setup with a dad joke & everyone lets out a different style laugh.

  2. Ken Supowit says,

    I have an idea for a GEICO commercial. In a baseball game, a batter hits a long fly down the right field line and into the seats. It’s either a home run or a foul ball. Everyone looks at the umpire, who is a witch (dressed as in typical productions of Macbeth). She says “Fair is foul and foul is fair.” Everyone looks bewildered. It’s akin to the Geico commercial in which Pinocchio is a motivational speaker.

  3. suzie says,

    At this challenging time of the virus, we all need a good laugh and you had a great one with fits of giggles from “geecko”….great ad! And I’m from Canada…just love all your ads….keep up the good job!

  4. Jay says,

    Please, leave the lizard alone. He doesn’t need any help.
    Proof, the AFLAC duck.
    It ain’t broke——don’t fix it!!!!

  5. Darryl Clemons says,

    Darryl, a Geico customer, love all of the commercials, woodchucks, pinocchio and raccoons. Eliminate the lizard.

  6. Linda Sigler says,

    I enjoy seeing the raccoons. I really don’t care for the Pinocchio. His voice is annoying and I can’t understand one word he says. His character detracts from the Geico ads.

  7. Raymond Peter Stone says,

    Please get rid of Pinocchio !!! Those spots are more than annoying and we immediately switch channels when they appear !!! Gecko fans !!! This is the first time we’ve suggested this change contrary to your response !