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  1. Leroy Martin says,

    You messed up with that football ref commercial. You should have had him “throw the flag” when they didn’t have tator tots. The whole world would have loved him throw that red flag.

  2. Greg says,

    Idea for a commercial –

    Voiceover: “What are your odds of finding more affordable auto insurance than Geico?”

    Show the inside of a small business office and behind a glass window you can make out the silhouettes of a figure wearing a cowboy hat and the other a dome-shaped headdress

    Zoom inside the office door and a cowboy and nun wearing a habit are sleeping in their chairs snoring “zzzzzzzzzzzz”

    Pan back outside the shabby building to reveal the name above the door “SLIM & NUN INSURANCE”

    Voiceover: “Slim and none”

  3. Mary grauer says,

    I think the boys to men commercial is the best one, I laugh every time I see it, Love Flo but this one is funny

  4. Ad Krugh says,

    I loved the Side effects commercial. I expected the actor playing the Pharmacist to Crack up on the out takes ,but he kept his composure..Boyz to Men are a hoot.

  5. Richard S. says,

    Even though it obviously wasn’t referring to the 2013 incident in Boston, just seeing the latest ad made me think of it and I do agree with others who think it should be pulled.

  6. Elaine says,

    When I see your add with the race & death. Considering what happened in Boston I think this is in poor taste. No matter what the message is, all I see is a race & death. Who’s dumb idea was this ?

  7. Ruby Necklace says,

    The marathon commercial is in very poor taste with just the infamous Boston Marathon a 4 short years ago. That was an act of sick cowards & their choices changed many people’s lives. To have a stuntman running a marathon to “cheat death” is a slap in the face of American society & their attempts to persevere through a time that altered history forever.
    How would you feel if you were near the doomed, egregious backpacks & had loved ones either permanently harmed or worse, died? You wouldn’t dare make a commercial making light of the horrible 9/11 attacks so why add insult to injury with a poor, unsympathetic commercial such as that one?!?
    I urge you to pull it. I believe I’ve explained myself enough regarding the shock, horror, & disrespect I felt as an American the day I saw the ad run on television. It should be pulled from both television AND your website.
    Have some empathy for the lives of our fellow Americans that were forever changed on that fateful day.