More Than Just Great Savings

In our latest commercial campaigns, we remind you that GEICO is about more than just saving money on car insurance. For instance, did you know…

GEICO can help you with other insurance products, too:

GEICO can help with home insurance.

GEICO has 24/7 Roadside Assistance

What’s your favorite GEICO commercial? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Tom Geerkin says,

    Here is the best I have come up with, am disappointed with myself that I hadn’t come up with the “aunt infestation”. Love it! What if we had a leek problem? Maybe the roof, the pipes in the basement, gutters, gas line, growing out of the kitchen faucet?

  2. Jim Lien says,

    Please send me the clip of the barn swallows that are sitting on the power line ( fire at will how did you his name was will ) ?????

    • Editor (GEICO) says,

      Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately that commercial has expired and we no longer have the rights to air it (or share it).