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Listen To The Latest GEICO Radio Commercials

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  1. Peter says,

    I am looking for the radio ad where a woman shares a funny video with her coworkers and none of them think it’s funny. Has anyone else heard this one?

  2. Scott Shelfer says,

    Where is the radio commercial where the man is cutting his wife’s hair to save money and he sings, “go to sleep, go to sleep, you are almost gorgeous?”

  3. Scott says,

    Where is the “Obvious News?” my dad thinks it’s real news bit lol. But not on here so I can play it to him

  4. Das Pookinator says,

    I love the spicy food one!! Want to let my friend hear it, where is it??

    Best line ever: “so, while you try to look composed with a mouth full of ice cubes while fanning yourself with the drink menu…” ???

  5. Rachels Mom says,

    Where is the “Obvious News?” Lol I have been trying to find it to share with my daughter… who insists on wearing a hoodie in the Florida summer and tank tops in the winter while complains that it’s cold. I think she does it on purpose. Lol The commercial would definitely make her give me the side eye. Lol

  6. Joe says,

    I just can’t stand the pick up basketball add. It’s not funny. It’s just not funny, it’s not cool, it’s trying to relate too hard to people who like basketball. Come on. Something anything else than some guy complaining about semi-poor sportsman ship…. It’s not funny it’s annoying.

  7. Gail D says,

    Please post the “Obvious News” radio commercial (I need to share it with my husband, who wears summer clothes in the winter and can’t figure out why he’s cold!).

  8. Jake says,

    Looking for the commercial where the woman says her boyfriend Mason/Jason thinks she loves her motorcycle more than she loves him. Are you able to post or send a link?