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Listen To The Latest GEICO Radio Commercials

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  1. Robbie says,

    I normally really like the Geico commercials. However, “Baby Blue” and “Cat” are probably THE most annoying ads EVER – for any brand. I actually turn the radio off when either of them start.

  2. Laurie says,

    Stop the baby commercial!!!! Unfortunately, when I hear Geico commercials online, my challenge is to be able to mute as quickly as possible. ☹️

  3. PC says,

    Totally agreed about the baby sleeping in commerical. It’s jarring and awful. We listen to Spotify all day at our work place and it’s probably the most irritating thing I’ve ever heard. I already have Geico – not sure why you guys want to torture me with this.

  4. Booker says,

    PLEASE stop the baby saying you can sleep-in commercial. It’s GRATING. Try sleeping at night with the radio on and then having that commercial play constantly. Just as bad in the day time.

  5. Millie says,

    The woman singing/making noise in the commercial “There’s never been a better time to switch to Geico” is very annoying. I always stop playing or mute when I hear it.

    • No One says,

      Absolutely. If you want a migraine headache, listen to that commercial. What’s the point of this commercial to make drivers take their hands off the wheel so they can cover their ears? That’s a disservice to drivers and could cause an accident.