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  1. Trisch A. says,

    I see motorcyclists must have more common sense than non m/c drivers. It figures!
    The California question took me by surprise as I’m a native Californian, I just got back to Cali after living in Idaho for 26 years. I actually think it’s cool they allow that move in Cali. It may not be very liked by cage drivers when being passed by a bike that way. I have seen that happen many times and I’ve done it myself, not knowing it was legal. I’ve seen that move executed quite well, professional looking & very safely done.
    It’s a mind blower, I did not know it was legal til now when I read it here. Thanks for the info and please keep sending us these fun little ways of brushing up on our skills & knowledge.
    I’m a female rider, m/c licensed for 47 years. Again, thanks very much & happy riding to all : )