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(Quiz) Are You A Road Hog?

Most of us are taught as kids that sharing is the right thing to do. But drivers of cars, as well as riders of motorcycles and bicycles can seem more apt to stoke each other’s rage than happily share the road.

And with more people commuting to work on bicycles than ever before (across cities, the average increase from 2000 to 2013 was 62 percent, according to the League of American Bicyclists), it’s crucial that all drivers watch out for each other. Answer the following questions to see if your road-sharing skills need sharpening.

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By Paula Derrow

Illustration by Peter Grundy

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  1. Dewayne Hopkins says,

    Your question about the safe distance to follow a motorcycle or man powered bike. In my opinion needs review. The ability for a motorcycle to stop suddenly reduces the time a driver has the ability to react to. Also, a motorcycle has the ability to change lanes in a fraction of a second and back to the same lane causing confusion to the vehicle driver. Especially in a curve. 5 or more service is more appropriate. Also not getting boxed in by other vehicles is more important. At least 5 seconds behind, not getting boxed in and a way of escape is the best in my opinion.

    • Dewayne Hopkins says,

      5 or more seconds ( not service ). It takes much longer for a vehicle to stop than a motorcycle. Especially at high speed and wet roads.

  2. Bruce McGee says,

    Geico needs to re study the State of Florida driving laws Two of your questions are not what the STATE says If you are on a FOUR lane road a motorcycle is supposed to ride in the center of his lane. If I am passing in a car> the car will only have a HALF lane between the car and the motorcycle. AND by STATE law I am required to gently blow my horn when passing.

  3. Chris D. says,

    While I realize that there are many people who like to ride their bikes on the roadways, I believe that it is a hazard and should not be allowed. From what I’ve observed in the City of Chicago, persons on bicycles do not obey the rules of the road and therefore should not be on the road with motorized vehicles. The quiz was informative but not practical.

    • Shona Werner says,

      Bicyclists don’t follow the laws anywhere, yet. I live in Oregon and the bicyclists here are horrible about following the rules of the road, and of an accident occurs then it ends up being our fault as a driver of a motor vehicle. It’s not fair but it is just the way it is.
      That is why it is our duty as parents to properly educate our children from the beginning to obey the laws. That way the next generation of bicyclists will be more responsible and respect the rules that the rest of us already follow. Most of the bicycle commuters today were raised to ride their bikes as a toy, not a vehicle. Understanding this fact helps me to accept the stupidity of some of their actions.

      • Ed says,

        @Shona, contrary to popular belief, that’s not true. If police determine that the bicyclist caused the accident, they are ruled at fault and often ticketed. (I’m a bicyclist and have read many news stories where this happens)

        @Chris, in most cities it is illegal to bike on sidewalks. In my experience, many bicyclists break laws, but most do it in a safe manner – for example, they might run a red light when nobody is coming, similar to a pedestrian jaywalking. But obviously, they deserve to be stopped and ticketed if caught by police.

  4. Constantine says,

    That was an interesting test, since I own both, car and a motorbike, and I do respect both on the road and pedestrians alike!

  5. Chris merchant says,

    I’m actually a bit flabberghasted that there are drivers out there who could not ace this test. I found it rather rudimentary. Anyone who doesn’t ace this is a menace on the road IMHO.

  6. Lynda Beauvais Jones says,

    Great, my city has just spend a bunch of $$$$$ making bike lanes, so this info was helpful to me, did pretty good -2!!!!!