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(Quiz) Are You A Road Hog?

Most of us are taught as kids that sharing is the right thing to do. But drivers of cars, as well as riders of motorcycles and bicycles can seem more apt to stoke each other’s rage than happily share the road.

And with more people commuting to work on bicycles than ever before (across cities, the average increase from 2000 to 2013 was 62 percent, according to the League of American Bicyclists), it’s crucial that all drivers watch out for each other. Answer the following questions to see if your road-sharing skills need sharpening.

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By Paula Derrow

Illustration by Peter Grundy

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  1. Mallory K. Millender, Jr. says,

    This information of road laws has greatly enhanced my awareness of how to be more safe. I will remember these laws and do my best to drive with caution and to be safe.

  2. David Parsons says,

    The driveway question was worded poorly. Everyone knows that anyone pulling out of a driveway has an obligation to yield to drivers already in the street. Funny thing is – the drivers with right of way are yielding more often than not.

  3. Carlos Riojas says,

    Thank you for this brief quiz! I liked it, it kept me on my toes about my driving knowledge. I had no earthly idea what is permissible in California for motorcycles , never been to California nor would I drive one anywhere. Thanks again!

  4. Lynda says,

    So the question about the bike safety equipment is worded incorrectly. In my state, the only one of the choices that is required is the head and tail light on the bike. The others are not required. The question is worded: “in some states”. I would like to know exactly which states require all of those things ?