More Than Just Great Savings

In our latest commercial campaigns, we remind you that GEICO is about more than just saving money on car insurance. For instance, did you know…

GEICO can help you with other insurance products, too:

GEICO can help with home insurance.

GEICO has 24/7 Roadside Assistance

GEICO has licensed agents available 24/7:

What’s your favorite GEICO commercial? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. JJ says,

    I like the most recent Boardroom Geico commercial. That guy is hilarious!!!!
    “Barb. You left me hanging on the high note”

  2. Kani Getter says,

    What happen to the raccoons in the garage cans I loved those commercials. It seem like whenever you make a real funny commercial you take it off I’m boomed out…!

  3. M Weintraub says,

    Where’s that radio ad of the caller and customer with the same laugh pattern (Discover card ad parody)?

  4. Paul D says,

    How many more ridiculous commercials are you going to make? No wonder your rates are ridiculously high! All the money is needed for these commercials.

  5. Al S. says,

    Your latest commercial with the office folk checking out Travis in IT’s app is the best. Especially the laugh at the end…priceless.

  6. Michele Z. Haber says,

    Like the Overflowing Office commercial, but think you should add a dialing phone tone “calling Geico” into the soundtrack, so you don’t have to guess that that is what he’s doing!

  7. Jay Tod says,

    I’m actually here to ask about a Geico commercial from the early 2000s it’s about a bald guy watching his TV in a dark living room and everything he sees on his TV is about flying pigs. I’m not sure if it was Geico insurance or not but I really want to see this commercial again initially because you get a first person view of everything he is watching and the commercial starts out with him saying ((yeah right, when pigs fly)) and then at the end of the commercial you see flying pigs on his TV and his face again and he says ((well what do you know)). Something like that so please help me find it! The hardest part for me is I just don’t know if it was Geico! I’ve looked for the commercial but I just can’t find it. Please help!

  8. Ernestine Mitchell says,

    “Pie is coming” is by far the funniest commercial GEICO has made in my opinion. The first time I saw it I couldn’t stop laughing. The waitress (Patricia Belcher) or whoever she is, at the restaurant counter talking to GECKO is perfect. Every time I see it I have the same reaction. Kudos to whoever put this one together. More ads with her please!! This commercial has my vote 100 percent.

  9. Karen Winchester says,

    I love the new ad with the waitress at the 24 hr. diner getting “Pie!” for the gecko. I didn’t know the actress’ name but I loved her as Booth’s boss in the Bones tv series. She is awesomely funny in this ad!