Natural Ways To Prevent Motion Sickness

nauseous female passenger

No matter how long the car trip, suffering nausea and fatigue can make you wish you had walked there instead. It’s estimated that 25% to 40% of Americans get motion sickness, turning everything from errands around town to holiday road trips into potential nightmares. We asked Timothy Hain, M.D., of …keep reading

Five Questions To Ask Your Mechanic

Female mechanic consulting with customer

When most people bring their car into the garage, they hand over the keys to their mechanic and slink off to wait for the bad news.

But experts say you can save a lot of time and money by having an open, honest conversation with your mechanic before …keep reading

GEICO Celebrates Name Your Car Day

If you’re anything like the average American, you spend more time in the car each day than you do around the family dinner table. So perhaps it’s no surprise that many of us name our cars as though they were members of the family—an act that’s led to the October …keep reading

Protect Your Paint Job

Mechanic Showing Color Samples To Customer Against Car

Your car’s sparkling finish made it through the salt, sand and harsh temperatures of winter. But your car’s paint faces year-round hazards. According to Autoblog, a car with faded paint and a dingy look sells for 10-20 percent less than an otherwise identical vehicle that just looks …keep reading

A Guide To Hybrid And Electric Vehicles

Close up of electrical plug recharging electric car

You already plug in your cell phone to re-charge it each night, so why not your car too? In the coming months, the first mass-produced plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles will be quietly rolling onto city streets. Learn the differences between them, the cars available and if one of …keep reading