Distracted Driving Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

steering wheel and cell phone textingPut down the phone and fries this summer. Weekend getaways, vacations, and family gatherings mean more vehicles on the road. We want our policyholders and friends to join us in a summer of no distracted driving to keep our friends and family safe.


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  1. Thomas Davies says

    Good test but its a shame that probably nine out of ten people do all the wrong things everytime they drive. I’m sixty years old and think i am still a very good driver. I’m the one in ten that does it right. I would like to see nationwide laws that would require people over sixty to have to take a written and driving test every couple of years. There are alot of dangerous drivers out there. Police also spend way too much time on there phones, computers and everything else they have in there cars. I have seen them drifting in and out of there lanes numerous times and you can tell by the position of there heads that there doing something other then driving

  2. Cuz'n Ben says

    Questions are not as specific as needed. On snacking whilst long range driving: Hunger can seriously cloud the mind, causing both drowsiness and distraction. A few bites can reduce this distraction.

    Dehydration due to lack of water intake (not other fluids) also leaves a person drowsy and distracted. Soft drinks and juices usually will not diminish dehydration drowsiness!

  3. Teri Trego says

    Great Quiz ! I think if everyone would just stop speeding, TEXTING, TALKING on phones, using their turn signal’s and just plain pay attention and BE KIND to each other, this would stop a whole lot of Death’s on our Highway’s. Please People stop TEXTING with those Babie’s in your Car, SO SELFISH and Ignorant.

    • Dwayne says

      I missed static al questions that have not been publicized. The important one < I got correct. Statistics never killed anyone