Distracted Driving Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

steering wheel and cell phone texting

Put down the phone and fries this summer. Weekend getaways, vacations, and family gatherings mean more vehicles on the road. We want our policyholders and friends to join us in a summer of no distracted driving to keep our friends and family safe.


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    • Becky Durboraw says

      Glad I took the Quiz. Very interesting information.
      only missed one and I reviewed it top make sure I knew the correct answer

  1. Faith Dean Hepper-Fernandes says

    Trick question in first quiz, only excuse for not reading thoroughly, underage drinking. Just assumed drinking question would only be about adults over 21. Shane on me.

  2. Kevin Carbone, PhD says

    My gut feel about the Q&A is that people who actually take the test probably do not need to take the test. My usual tactic on tailgating is to put on my right turn signal and gradually slow down. (Stepping on the brakes usually results in the jerk behind you getting angry and, in today’s society, might take out a gun and shoot into your car.)

  3. Laura P. says

    Very knowledgeable and informative . Love to take a quiz to keep me updated how to be safe on the road while driving.