(Quiz) Are You A Good Driver?

illustrated driving routes

Most drivers assume they’re great behind the wheel. But we’ve all seen enough speeding, swerving and just downright questionable behavior on the road to realize some people are deluding themselves.

“Public polls show that most Americans think they are above-average drivers, which technically is impossible,” says Jonathan Adkins, executive director of the Governors Highway Safety Association. “When we overestimate our skill level, we put not only ourselves, but others on the road at risk.”

You can avoid tickets and fender benders (or worse!) by honestly assessing your driving ability. If it has been a while since you’ve dusted off your driver’s ed manual, take our quiz to see if your skills are still up to par or if it’s time for a defensive driving course to sharpen your skills.

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By Julie Russell

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  1. Carol says

    How very cool ! Do you folks send out this quiz for birthdays? I have to take the driving test because I turn 75 in a few months, I am no longer apprehensive. I figured by now they had fancier names for sign shapes. I aced both tests and will be fine !

  2. Robert Baxter Sr. says

    I enjoyed taking these quizzes.. I feel as though all car Insurance should have this to keep there insured drivers alert as well as aware of others we share the roads and highways with. I’m insured by the #1 car insurance in the USA..Thank you GEICO..

  3. Alvaro Garcia says

    Thank you so much for this exercise which will help us to remind rules and good behaviour while driving.I have my GEICO car insurance.

  4. Chrystal says

    Thanks for the quize even though in Vermont you can pass on a double solid line, it just states to be safe while passing. I wish in Vermont that it was passed as a law that you can’t be doing any thing under 65 in the left lane.. It’s frustrating for people to do 55 in the left lane and not move for people trying to pass. I already have Geico as my insurence..

  5. Gustelia Goodman says

    Thank you for the quiz it is good information to know and remember. I already have Geico as my insurance company.

  6. Ena Beecham says

    I wish everyone would comply with safety laws,We would have fewer accidents,which, as a result would result in lower insurance rates.
    Thanks Geico for the refresher’s test.