(Quiz) Which Driving “Facts” Are True—And Which Are Urban Legends?

Car headlights at night

Since 84 percent of Americans over the age of 16 have a driver’s license, it’s no surprise that most people get plenty of driving advice and theories. The only trouble is that some of it is based on outdated information. We rounded up some of the most common driving-related “facts” and asked experts give us the real deal. Take this quiz for a spin to see how savvy you really are.


By Nicole Cherie Jones

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  1. Rae says

    I think the last question should be marked both if you are going to say it depends on the type of vehicle. Yes it does and considering I have a vehicle with a carburetor and one that is fuel injected, yes, it makes a difference.
    A carburetor will use more to restart instead of idle than a fuel injected vehicle. So don’t assume everyone drives fuel injected vehicles.

  2. Janice Bell says

    Great Quiz everyone should take it u be surprise how many people fail. It very dangerous to drive without ? I believe ? high performance cars ? use high premium gas. Double blinking headlights is good ? to let oncoming car know theirs headlights not on which is not s good fit. Janice

    • Rae says

      Something to think about, the higher octane gasoline is purchased less often than regular octane, which means it sits in the tank collecting condensation and sediment making it less suitable for your vehicle. Your best option, because it is used most often is regular gas and put in an additive if needed.

    • Janice Bell says

      Wonderful quiz everyone should take especially Everyone should never forget to fasten their ? belt including ur passengers will save ur life. Dashing your headlights also lets driver who coming towards u may not know their lights are not on when it should be way of letting them know to turn their head lights on.

  3. R. Wolff says

    Premium Vs. Regular Gas, Premium gas is designed for high compression engines. Yes the octane is higher because of the additives which are added to make the fuel burn slower/cooler. Regular gas actually burns hotter and faster. Do Not think by adding a tank of premium will clean out your engine and make it work better, in fact it could foul up the ignition in the process. On the other hand Do Not add regular to a high compression engine you will have a good chance to burn out your ignition, ping, back fire etc. Use the factory specified octane and proper gas, premium or regular.