What’s In A VIN?

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs)

Ever wonder what that long group of numbers and letters identifying your car means? There is some method to the madness. While the various bumper stickers on the back of your car tell people who you are, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) tells the world who …keep reading

How To Change A Flat Tire (Video)

Changing a Flat Tire

It happens to everyone: the dreaded flat tire. At best, it happens near home in a neighborhood without a ton of traffic. At worst, you’re on the side of a high-speed road, in bad weather, wearing your best outfit and you’re trying to make it to an appointment.

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What To Do If Your Car Won’t Start

Woman on cell phone in front of broken down car

Over the years, cars have become much more reliable. But with so many moving parts, even the most well maintained vehicles can still be temperamental. If your car won’t start, it’s important to note what’s happening when you turn the key. While a dead battery is a likely culprit of …keep reading