Girl Scouts Get Automobile-Acclimated

GEICO Girl Scouts Car Care ProgramThroughout the years, GEICO has proudly supported the Girl Scouts through activities and events such as the GEICO DASHboard Road Safety Program, which addresses broad driver safety topics and smart decision-making. This year marked the first time GEICO included a distracted driving component to the Car Care Program, which originated 10 years ago in partnership with the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital.

As participants in the expanded program, the Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast troop in Virginia certainly earned their new patch on May 4. Forty-three 9th and 10th graders participated in the GEICO Car Care Program to learn vehicle maintenance and safe driving tips.

GEICO teamed up with Elite Auto Body in Norfolk, Va., to give the young women hands-on and instructive lessons in car care and vehicle safety. At the body shop, the scouts rotated among four stations to learn about different topics of importance to car and driver:  tire maintenance, vehicle maintenance, distracted driving and vehicle insurance and safety. GEICO Auto Damage managers and staff in management and supervisor preparation programs taught the girls the ins and outs of owning and maintaining a car, and representatives from RK Chevrolet shared car buying tips. Practicing on two vehicles loaned from Enterprise, the new and soon-to-be drivers discovered the right way to check tire treads, change a tire, check oil levels, inspect air filters and connect jumper cables to restart a dead battery.

“It’s important for girls to learn these life skills,” said Toiya Sosa, coordinator of GEICO regional public affairs and communication relations. “They’ll feel empowered and confident on the road, and sharing this information with them is beneficial for traffic safety in general.”

By Stephanie Levis

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  1. Susan Staempfli says

    How can I arrange for a Girl Scout workshop in Arlington, VA? You recently sponsored a workshop in Bethesda MD but it filled up so fast we could not get in.
    Thank you.