Must-Have Gear For Your Two-Wheeled Ride

motorcycle gearAccessorizing your ride is part of the fun of owning a motorcycle. And no one knows that better than our friends at Hot Bike magazine. Here we share their favorite accessories for 2015.

Willie & Max Black Leather Swingarm Bag

When you’re out riding, you need to stash your stuff somewhere. This triangular bag from Dowco is simple in design and available in black or brown leather with different buckle options.

Brat Seat Solo

You’re going to spend a lot of time on your motorcycle, so you should be comfortable. These Japanese-inspired seats bolt right on to your bike and come in a ribbed or diamond pattern. Available from Burly, these seats are made entirely in the USA.

Zipper’s Air Cleaner Kits

Who doesn’t want a little more power out of their bike? Zippers Maxflow and Highflow Air Cleaner Kits are easy to install and made to not only give you more go, but to look good, too. The backing plates are made from a single billet of aluminum for added strength. The Highflow units are the standard 2-1/4″ while the Maxflow adds an additional 5/8″ of width to get more air.

TCX X-Blend Waterproof Boots

A good pair of boots is critical, and there aren’t many companies more familiar with making boots for all sorts of riders than TCX. The X-Blend Waterproof is constructed of full-grain vintage leather and features a waterproof lining meant to keep your feet warm and dry in any sort of weather.

CFR “Step Cut” Slip-On Muffler

The wind in your face, the sun on your neck and the feeling of freedom are great, but the sound? That’s what makes your motorcycle part of you. Carry Fass Racing manufactured these mufflers for Hogpro. They feature the same body and baffles as popular CFR mufflers already in the marketplace, but the “Step Cut” tip design has a tone so deep it will make Barry White blush. They fit 1995-2015 Harley touring models with stock size 1-3/4″ headpipes.

What new motorcycle accessory are you planning to buy? Tell us below!

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  1. Brooke Wright says

    Hi admin
    I read your blog, its really awesome, I love it.
    A leather motorcycle jacket is an essential part of your motorcycle gear. After your helmet, it is the most important piece of keeping you safe while out on the road.

  2. Brooke Wright says

    Motorcycle boots are used much frequently these days. Motorcycle is an invention of man that is used like any other need.

  3. Virginia Davis says

    Thanks for the post. I have often seen people riding their motorcycles, and they have cool helmets and jackets. However, I had never realized that it is important to have waterproof boots, as well. I imagine, though, that these can help protect the rider in much the same way as a helmet or leather jacket.