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  1. Bob tomlin says

    I think that the little lizard would be great if he spoke the accent of the area of where it is aired like Alabama or Maine Arizona Washington.

  2. Maria Mojica says


    You did it again!!! I was very much suprised and appreciative that my Voice was and is heard…. It makes all the difference in world!!!

  3. Altie says

    GEICO, please stop airing this commercial! You would never find penguins at the South Pole! You would find them on the coast of Antarctica, but not the South Pole! It’s a big continent!

  4. griff girl says

    Given the recent death of British trekker Henry Worsley just 30 miles shy of his south pole goal, probably not in the best of taste to be running the Dora/South pole ad right now. He was raising money for one of Prince William’s charities.