“Count On” GEICO

There are some things in life you can always count on. One of them is GEICO saving folks money on car insurance. Here are some others:

Stay tuned for more things you can “Count On.” In the meantime, check out more great GEICO commercials here.

Cast Credits

“McGruff Fights Baby Talk”
Detective 1: James Biberi
Detective 2: Charles Emmett
Detective 3: Lindsay Stoddard
McGruff: Jim Forbes
Spokesman: Steve Tom

“The First Heckler”
Knight 1: Max Lloyd Jones
Knight 2: Kaiwi Lyman
Heckler: Darren Richardson
Squire: Steve Trzaska
Spectator 1: Cheryl Hawker
Spectator 2: Chris Reed
Spokesman: Steve Tom

“The Great Penguin Migration”
Penguin 1 VO: Marcus Brown
Penguin 2 VO: Mike Nelson
Announcer: Brian Keane
GPS Voice: Cary Van Driest
Spokesman: Steve Tom

“Star Captain: The Lost Keys”
Captain: Steve Talley
Soldier: Ali Ghandour
Soldier 2: Heather Woodward
Spokesman: Steve Tom

“Game Night with a Sloth”
Man: Steven Pritchard
Woman: Elleen Fogarty
Team 1 Man: Travis Coles
Team 1 Woman: Samantha Sloyan
Team 1 Scorekeeper Man: Johnny Sneed
Spokesman: Steve Tom

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  1. Tom Berna says

    The Mcgruff commercial is a new all time low even for Geico. What’s next Smokey Bear lighting fires. Some schools still use the Mcgruff program. Public Safety characters are out of bounds even for Geico. Take fifteen minutes and come up with something original . Obviously you rode the Gecko into the ground.

  2. Lisa says

    March Geico commercial with the guy in the motorized lark says,” Homers insurance instead of Homeowners insurance.” Ooops! I heard it. Did anyone else?

  3. Concerned US Citizen says

    Get Rid of the McGruff Commercial…..

    It shows poor judgment on your business in relations to law enforcement (especially around neighborhood watch programs which McGruff is a champion to youth and kids if they see something say something!) which as an insurer you should be championing!

    Add Florida to this and you guys really look silly!

    This is a dumb as those Taco Bell Commercials…