“Count On” GEICO

There are some things in life you can always count on. One of them is GEICO saving folks money on car insurance. Here are some others:

Stay tuned for more things you can “Count On.” In the meantime, check out more great GEICO commercials here.

Cast Credits

“McGruff Fights Baby Talk”
Detective 1: James Biberi
Detective 2: Charles Emmett
Detective 3: Lindsay Stoddard
McGruff: Jim Forbes
Spokesman: Steve Tom

“The First Heckler”
Knight 1: Max Lloyd Jones
Knight 2: Kaiwi Lyman
Heckler: Darren Richardson
Squire: Steve Trzaska
Spectator 1: Cheryl Hawker
Spectator 2: Chris Reed
Spokesman: Steve Tom

“The Great Penguin Migration”
Penguin 1 VO: Marcus Brown
Penguin 2 VO: Mike Nelson
Announcer: Brian Keane
GPS Voice: Cary Van Driest
Spokesman: Steve Tom

“Star Captain: The Lost Keys”
Captain: Steve Talley
Soldier: Ali Ghandour
Soldier 2: Heather Woodward
Spokesman: Steve Tom

“Game Night with a Sloth”
Man: Steven Pritchard
Woman: Elleen Fogarty
Team 1 Man: Travis Coles
Team 1 Woman: Samantha Sloyan
Team 1 Scorekeeper Man: Johnny Sneed
Spokesman: Steve Tom

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  1. Beth Parker says

    Have enjoyed the various Geico commercials over the years. Pretty much they’ve been funny yet not offensive. Until this McGruff commercial – really? What I’m seeing is bullying – not so much baby talking. The “as long as people baby-talk their animals” by-line doesn’t fly. At one time McGruff could focus on helping the community – now he has to deal with bullying? Yeah, it is just a commercial. What message are you sending here?

  2. Ilya Drabkin says

    I have a great idea for you guys. You know how all storms have a name. You can do a commercial where a storm doesn’t have a name. A hurricane with no name. surprising

  3. Donna Gides says

    The 7 odd sounds ad was very informative. Thank you. It’s nice knowing what to listen and look for especially since I’m elderly and taking care of my own car. Long time customer.

  4. Eugene Oshima says

    Have been a GEICO client for 20+ years. I have expressed my reaction to the gecko ads when they first came out ( I think they’re stupid!). These new ads are much better–at least they show a variety; I never liked animal ads. So, I’ve added my $2 worth!
    I liked your 7-odd sounds ad.

  5. Sandra B says

    The “The Great Penguin Migration ” is the best commercial since the Camel showing up at work asking “what day is it… answer ofcourse “hump day”.

    Not to say Washington Crossing the Delaware River bridge isn’t priceless too. “We all have somewhere to go” What a hoot!!

  6. AB says

    I really wish you people would stop showing these annoying, obnoxious and stupid ads. The majority of the American public have really had enough of this!!!

    • Spydr M says

      Geico is going to advertise their seviceson TV, just like any other insurance company. These particular ads are a great way to draw some extra attention to the company. I highly doubt I would get a break on my car insurance rate if they pulled these ads so I figure I’ll just chill out and enjoy them for what they are.

      Trust me, there are plenty of other thing’s happening in our world today that we can get worked up over. A few manatees wearing silly shirts just isn’t one of them. So many bigger fish to fry my friend. Enjoy your afternoon.

    • Spydr M says

      The two guys that voiced the penguins are:
      Marcus Brown aka Penguin #1
      Mike Nelson aka Penguin #2

      It was tough to figure out exactly how to find photos for each one but I got ’em. It seems that I’m not allowed to post pictures here so I’ll guide you over.

      Search Google for: Geico Penguin Mike Nelson. Once you get the results, click on the “image” search bit ton and you will find them on the right side of the pictures below the Boys to Men Geico still photo. Mike is picture 4 and Marcus is picture 5. You can also see their Twitter account addresses and read their recent exchange about how much theylike the commercial.

    • Spydr M says

      As I like to call him, “penguin with attitude” mumbles as he walks off, “I’m breeding man!”. I did do some digging around and found a couple of places that confirm that sentence. I didn’t find any other notes about the script.

      Additional fun fact: the two actors who voiced the penguins we told by the director they had to limit their arm and leg movements. He made them shuffle around like penguins in order to help them get into character! Truth is always funnier than fiction.

  7. Doug H. says

    The ‘Washinton and men crossing the Delaware Turnpike’ commercial from GEICO is beyond offensive. The greatest general of America’s revolution is portrayed as a petty ‘putz’ arguing with motorists ? The main founder of the United States and a devout Christian is made the butt of a childish and insulting parody by GEICO ? Whoever approved that commercial should be fired immediately and the commercial removed. Washington, Eisenhower, Churchill, Columbus and a few others in history were giants among men. And GEICO ad creators are stupid beyond measure.

    • Keijo D. says

      The more I read skipping lines in your rant, the more I laugh. Let’s pick some memorable ones …
      “Whoever approved that commercial should be Churchill, Columbus and a few others”
      “a devout(sic) Christian is made the butt of a childish and fired immediately and…”
      Dude, you really made my day, and I was just looking up who did those really funny audio ad pseudo-disclaimers I hear on the radio.

      GEICO: Keep them coming. They’re fun to hear.