GEICO Commercials: Behind The Scenes

The last time you caught yourself giggling at the Gecko, did you wonder about the zany and brilliant minds who create the GEICO ad campaigns? Take a peek behind the scenes and meet the cast and crew who make these iconic ad spots come to life.

It’s What You Do: Side Effects (w/Boyz II Men)

It’s What You Do: Stuntman Cheats Death

It’s What You Do: Cowboy Showdown

It’s Not Surprising: Tiki’s Barber Shop

It’s What You Do: Sleeping Beauty

It’s Not Surprising: Lemonade, Not Ice-T

(Bonus: Learn “The Art of the Squeeze” with Ice T.)

It’s What You Do: Parrot

Jacob deGrom: No Easy Pitch

For more laughs, subscribe to the official GEICO YouTube channel.

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  1. Linda Burns says

    I didn’t see the little ‘GEICO’ jumping the Tennessee/Virginia State line in Bristol. I love that one – guess why! I live in Bristol

  2. Ann Ellinger says

    trying to find actor in latest GEICO commercial. Black man driving in car with wife and 2 children, with headsets on. The man is GREAT! TRYING TO FIND OUT THE MAN DRIVING. GREATEST COMMERCIAL I EVER HAVE SEEN.

  3. Victor Graff says

    I have a idea for Gieco follow up to the pigeon commercial they on sling TV hilarious I promise you you’ll love it I aint looking money I just love your commercials

  4. Laurie Cummings says

    PLEASE tell me who is playing guitar in the “Guitar Solo” commercial …so that my husband and I no longer find ourselves in a debate every time the ad comes on!

    • Diana L Daskalos-Chesny says

      Taibbi Brothers. They played the same thing in the Breaking Bad episode where the meth lab was set ablaze after Gus Fring was killed.

    • Pam says

      Yes PLEASE just tell me if it really was the kid or someone else’s hands playing? My husband and I argue about it every time!

  5. Mary and "Rocco" says

    I play the Geico parrot n pirates ad on my phone at least 10-15 times a day as it’s my puppy’s favorite commercial, ha ha ha. He runs up n sticks his nose to the phone then throws his face up in the air to howl through the whole commercial. I love it. Thx. What is the tune at the end?