GEICO Commercials: Behind The Scenes

The last time you caught yourself giggling at the Gecko, did you wonder about the zany and brilliant minds who create the GEICO ad campaigns? Take a peekĀ behind the scenes and meet the cast and crew who make these iconic ad spots come to life.

It’s What You Do: Sleeping Beauty

It’s Not Surprising: Lemonade, Not Ice-T

(Bonus: Learn “The Art of the Squeeze” with Ice T.)

It’s What You Do: Parrot

Jacob deGrom: No Easy Pitch

It’s What You Do: Spy

For more laughs, subscribe to the official GEICO YouTube channel.

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    • Monti says

      I want to know this too! I would love to find it for my workout mix. I like the original but this version is more motivational for me.

      • Scarlett says

        Totally agree with above (like the original by Cake but love this version too). Usually things like this are easy to find but I’m still searching! I’ll let you know if I find out. Whoever did it should be able to be loud and proud and known because I know there are thousands of people who want to know who is responsible for this version on the tune!

  1. Erin says

    Their commercials aren’t as funny as they used to be. I don’t like any of the new ones. Even the one with Ice T isn’t any good even though I really like him.

  2. betty jo shepherd says

    what language is marco polo speaking and what is he saying when he says what sounds like, ” si, dola qui” ?

  3. Marcus Makin Noise Williams says

    Looks like Ice T is on Long Island shooting a Lemonade commercial does that make him Long Island Ice T?

  4. Kelli Boone says

    Please resolve an argument between my husband and me. In your new commercial with the biker towing the camper, is that the Caveman, or the biker that was covered in money, or is it both (actor)?

  5. Cynthia Allred says

    Hey…Thinking about the Geico “Marco Polo” commercial… that Spanish you have Marco speaking? I believe he was Italian being born in Venice or Croatia. Either way, I love the commercial and, of course, Marco’s lama! Thank you for any insight into this matter.