GEICO: Not Your Average Commercial

Everyone has a favorite GEICO commercial. The one that sticks in your brain and makes you share it over and over with friends and coworkers. This likability has turned GEICO and its advertisements into a pop culture phenomenon. Here, we share some of our favorite GEICO spots:

It’s What You Do: Boyz II Men

It’s Not Surprising: Running of the Bulldogs

Great Answers: He-Man vs. Skeletor

The Gecko’s Journey: Coney Island

What’s your favorite GEICO commercial? Share with us below!

Visit the GEICO YouTube channel to see all of our current commercials.

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      • David Coleman, PGA Golf Professional says

        Me also, i think it is crazy funny, just wish i could see it playing out or just hear the audio again because it rarely ever comes on my radio station !!!

  1. lazybumm says

    I would like to hear the commercial of snake oil salesman. The one that’s trying to charm a girl. It has something about white strips and Pilates. Anyone know a link?

  2. Jerry Herman says

    All Geico Commercials are great. I especially liked the older ones for example “Does Geico really save you 15% on insurance? Do woodchucks really chuck wood.” However, I think the most obvious opportunity was missed. “Does Geico reallysave you 15% on insurance? Do bears really, you know, in the woods.”

    • Kate says

      I’m searching for the same thing. Some of these radio spots are hilarious and I want to share them with people but I can’t find them anywhere.

  3. Lynn Kline says

    My newest favorite commercial is game night with the sloth. Each commercial stands out as so funny and creative that I envy everyone involved for all the fun they have coming up with these. But the sloth takes the cake. Thanks for the laughs!!!!!

  4. A. Grassby says

    Please stop that creepy ad with the two weightlifters … it’s just freaky bad. The triangle solo is equally inane. There are no redeeming qualities in some of your recent ads….. they’re badly written, not funny and irrelevant. Bring back the gecko

  5. Rhonda Beerthuid says

    The triangle solo is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen it makes me laugh out loud every time. Thanks