GEICO: Not Your Average Commercial

GEICO Tarzan CommercialEveryone has a favorite GEICO commercial. The one that sticks in your brain and makes you share it over and over with friends and coworkers. This likability has turned GEICO and its advertisements into a pop culture phenomenon. Here, we take a look behind the scenes at some of our favorite GEICO spots.


Pre-roll advertisements on YouTube aren’t known for their effectiveness—you can just skip them after five seconds. So GEICO decided to put the end of the commercial—the punch line—at the beginning.

“We did each scenario with something that was fun to freeze-frame on,” says Steve Bassett, group creative director at the Martin Agency, which makes GEICO’s popular ads. “The dialogue was meant to feel hokey and you’re coming in on the end of the joke, but a really lame joke.”

The commercials became so popular, an actor in the Family spot was invited to do a Q&A on the popular website Reddit.

It’s What You Do

GEICO’s It’s What You Do campaign offers a cinematic, playful approach.

Take “Tarzan”, for example. In the commercial, Tarzan and Jane prove that no matter whether you’re on a highway or in the middle of a jungle, you fight with your better half over whether or not to ask directions. When you’re a couple, it’s just what you do.

And while the GEICO logo typically appears as a graphic overlaid on the shot, Bassett says it was the director’s idea to feature it as a three-dimensional object in the scene, to give viewers something they hadn’t seen before.

Good News

GEICO’s advertising message has always been the same: a 15-minute call could save you 15 percent (or more) on car insurance.

Having some fun with this slogan, GEICO ran a series of ads featuring bad news, followed by the famous 15-minute line. In one commercial, a judge finds a man guilty of embezzlement (among other charges), and then announces the good news: he has just saved 15 percent on his car insurance by switching to GEICO.

A member of the Martin Agency says he was once on a plane when a pilot riffed on the commercial. “I have some bad news,” the pilot announced. “It looks like we’re going to be delayed 45 minutes here on the tarmac.” When a collective groan went up throughout the cabin, the intercom clicked back on and the pilot continued: “But I do have some good news. I just saved 15 percent on my car insurance.”

This kind of humor and smart messaging has made GEICO commercials so memorable to audiences around the world.

What is your favorite GEICO commercial? Share with us below!

Visit the GEICO YouTube channel to see all of our current commercials.

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  1. Jim ascher says

    Your commercial using our military to choose the 15percent vs acting on the comet headed to destroy earth is very disturbing. I like your comericails, but please do not use our military personal looking like idiots when asked a very important question. I live in a military town, va beach, va. It was very offensive to us.

  2. Pat says

    Why did you take off the Tarzan and Jane commercial ? Other than the gecko the Tarzan and Jane was your best commercial ever????

  3. Karen says

    What happened to Tarzan and Jane? We loved it and only saw it for a week or two and then no more. Was my favorite of all time.

  4. C isbell says

    my favorite commercial from Geico? Free range Chicken. What’s he doing now? I want to see more pictures.

  5. Joan S says

    Tarzan and Jane and chimp, We laughed so hard and can not get it out of our minds. Love your Ads!!!!

  6. Diane Hernandez says

    Tarzan is my favorite. I burst out laughing every time I see it no matter how times I see it!!! Please put it back! It if funny & intellectual on all levels

  7. Dolly Crane says

    The Tarzan commercial is the best commercial EVER. You mention Ito anybody and they’ve seen it and laugh at the mention of it.

    As good as the Budweiser commercial which is considered the best.

    Whomeverame up with the idea is brilliant.

  8. Trae' Proctor says

    My favorite GEICO commercial is Tarzan and Jane -Asking for directions.It always puts a smile on my face and gives me a good hearty laugh…. My next favotite commercial is the “Spy” .Thanks Martin Agency and GEICO?

  9. Letty P. Rodriguez says

    We just love the “Spy” and “Tarzan” commercials. They certainly caught our attention and interest. The chimp tops it off. We can’t stop talking about them. Great actors in both. Good job.

  10. Barb Peck says

    The girl Jane makes the commercial. She was also my favorite in the horror commercial…”get in the car” and quit breathing on me!!” So funny. Love her voice.

    • Joan M. King says

      Tarzan and Jane is the best commercial on T.V. Geico always has the best ones… thats all people talk about when discussing commercials..I bookmarked this one..