GEICO: Not Your Average Commercial

Everyone has a favorite GEICO commercial. The one that sticks in your brain and makes you share it over and over with friends and coworkers. This likability has turned GEICO and its advertisements into a pop culture phenomenon. Here, we share some of our favorite GEICO spots:

It’s What You Do: Boyz II Men

It’s Not Surprising: Running of the Bulldogs

Great Answers: He-Man vs. Skeletor

The Gecko’s Journey: Coney Island

What’s your favorite GEICO commercial? Share with us below!

Visit the GEICO YouTube channel to see all of our current commercials.

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  1. Kaos says

    I’ve heard a Geico radio spot about the Wicked Witch of the West and a water slide only twice this year, but have not been able to find it ANYWHERE on the internet. It’s hilarious and I would like to play it for my wife but it’s like it doesn’t exist. Some help, please?

  2. Pam says

    Someone told me you aired a commercial showing the crime dog McDuff being bullied by police. Is that true? It seems inappropriate and in bad taste.

  3. Sandy Shermeyer says

    Im searching for the geico ad i heat on Iheart radio. It’s the robot sweeper choking on a popcorn kernel. I have been looking on live and no luck.