It’s Not Surprising…

There are a lot of surprising things in this world. In our latest commercial series, we suggest a few scenarios you might be surprised by.

Like ordering a getaway car from an app:

Like Tiki Barber running a barbershop:

Or a figure-skating sumo wrestler:

Or Ice T at a lemonade stand:

(Learn “The Art of the Squeeze” with Ice T.)

Or playing Marco Polo with Marco Polo:

What’s not surprising? How much our customers really saved when they switched their car insurance to GEICO. In fact, new GEICO customers report saving an average of over $500 a year.* How much could you save when you make the switch to GEICO?

Watch Behind-the-Scenes videos of your favorite GEICO commercials here.

Cast Credits

“Getaway Car”
Thief 1: Vincent Duvall
Thief 2: Vince Lozano
Thief 3: Bill Kottkamp
Driver/Randy: Nick Puga
Voice-Over: Andrew Anthony

“Tiki’s Barber Shop”
Tiki Barber: himself
Barber Assistant: William C. Mitchell
Customer 1: Josh Meyer
Customer 2: Travis Coles
Customer 3: Michael Saltzman
Customer Waiting: Kareem Matthews
Voice-Over: Andrew Anthony

Sumo Guy/Skater: Byamba
Ice Skater Girl: Ashley Figueroa
Coach: Dieter Riesle
Customer: Heather Michel
Announcer #1: Ben Jaeger-Thomas
Announcer #2: Tory Wood
Voice-Over: Andrew Anthony
Music by Tiny Lion

“Ice T”
Ice T: himself
Passersby: Amy RutbergDavid Levin, Anne Troup
Kids: Kaden Anderson, Jeremy Borgen
Voice-Over: Andrew Anthony

“Marco Polo”
Marco Polo: Michael Mazzeo
Kids: Owen AsztalosJillian LeblingMelo Ludwig
Voice-Over: Andrew Anthony


*Average savings amount based on national GEICO New Policyholder survey data through May 2016.

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  1. C M Williams says

    I want to clue you in on something. Barber clippers can be dangerous when not used properly. Additionally the must be sanitized between uses so that the customers aren’t infected by strange bacteria like my brother was by his ex-barber. The things you had Tiki Barber do would have lost any barber their license. Maybe you should stick with the gecko.

  2. Phil says

    The Latest Heard on the Radio 11-21-2016
    “…Another good usage for an Iron is home defense….” or did the Commentator actually wanna say; Iron sights?

    Anyways, Commentator goes on… and There was another waaaaaay Funnier comment in closing but, decorum prevents me from writing here.

    I looked for today’s Genius Radio commercial and was unable to find on the Internet, might have been removed for trade mark cause, it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too funny

    So, listen to the RADIO Commercials cause, they ARE funnier and than your best Comic!

    I don’t care who you are Geico Client or not these Commercials are the very Best!

  3. Bob says

    Love the marco polo commercial. The most annoying commerial is the toyota camry ad where two brothers race camrys at monaco. Like that would ever happen. Stupid

  4. Greg says

    Scusa, but those commercials are hilarious … and the llama, although non-existent where Marco Polo historically explored, is pretty funny, just peaking ove the side … observing

  5. Terri says

    I laugh out Loud every time I see this commercial! And the Ice T lemonade stand too.
    But. I’m a State Farm girl……

  6. Me says

    Please stop Marco Polo BS on the TV, I swear if I have to watch it one more time, I will go crazy.
    Luckily, I don’t have insurance with Geico, I would have canceled it because of this commercial for sure. I have to be honest, it is so annoying. You want people to remember you, you got it bro. But no one is going to buy it.

  7. Douglas Pinson says

    I switched to GEICO two months ago and the new rates saved me over $1800.00 for my car and motorcycle. I have to say that the customer service that I have received is top quality and professional. Thank you GEICO.