It’s What You Do…

If you want to save 15% or more on car insurance, you switch to GEICO. It’s what you do. In this series of commercials, GEICO shows you what else you do if …

… you want someone to leave you alone:

… you’re a parrot:

… you sit on your phone:

…you’re a couple:

…you’re a mom:

(See behind the scenes of “Spy” and more Mom Observations.)

… you’re Peter Pan:

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Cast Credits

“Sleeping Beauty”:
Sleeping Beauty: Annika Noelle
Prince Charming: James Trevena-Brown
Voice-Over: Andrew Anthony

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  1. Judy Arnold says

    I had a grand-aunt named Virginia Tennessee Lloyd. Her father was from Virginia and mother from (yes) Tennessee. Perhaps since she was their 737th daughter they ran out of names. Unfortunately she died in1921 at the age of 20.

  2. Less Moore says

    Isn’t kissing someone without their explicit consent considered assault?
    Is the ad team not watching the news again?

  3. Susan Sanazaro says


    I am extremely grateful the pirate ad has been replaced by the shorter Sleeping Beauty scenario (though in no way does it influence me to consider purchasing Geico insurance). In the past few months when I made my way off the reservation to the Big City of Farmington, NM, for a real movie, the loathsome pirate ad subtracted some joy from the experience. Would like to suggest replacing the “it’s what you do”, slogan , which doesn’t really make sense, nor is it in the least bit clever or catchy.

    Thanks for your attention to this important matter.

    Sue Sanazaro

  4. Lisa says

    Love it! We’re not just sitting around waiting for prince charming, we’ve got our own lives to live now. And “Taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model” – makes me laugh every time.

  5. Hazel Wells says

    After being raped while “pretending I was asleep,” I request that you discontinue the use of your “Sleeping Beauty” commercial. I talked to the Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence and they said it happens often that women are raped in such a circumstance. I enjoy all your other commercials.

    • Noelle says

      I agree completely! I know many women who have had the same experience (usually when they were much younger.) But the story is always the same “I thought if I pretended to be asleep he would leave me alone!” This commercial made me sick the second I saw it and I was hoping that there was some call to remove it. Not trying to be overly sensitive, but we really need to be progressing a message of consent in this day and age, not a message of “try to ignore it and it will go away.”

    • Tania Palmer says

      Agreed. Sounds like you need a new ad agency, Geico. Pretending you’re asleep is most definitely NOT what you do.

  6. d says

    perhaps a commercial starring a man who kisses a woman without her consent isn’t the best to be airing at this time.

  7. Mark Hammond says

    What’s stupid is the writers of the commercial don’t realize that it don’t make no sense. Because Pirates don’t get mad at their leader he could call them any name in the book and do anything to them and they wouldn’t care it’s because what they do is they follow their leader and they do not oppose him at no cost. So that whole saying that the parrot says means nothing.

    • John says

      If “it don’t make no sense” then it must make some sense. “they do not oppose him at no cost” so they must oppose him at some cost. Sorry, but we speak English here.

  8. Christopher says

    Parrot ad seems like it might be really funny. To bad when he stops repeating the Captains words you can’t understand what he said except for … … … … the crew.

      • Patricia Koerner says

        Yes, he says, ” and hide it from the crew, because they are all morons anyway, and they smell bad.”

        This is my favorite of the recent commercials. The last one I really liked was the Free Range Chicken one. Although I can see the humor in the Peter Pan, Tarzan and Short Arms Alligator ones, for some reason they grate on my nerves.

  9. Joseph A. says

    Europe, may be the most underrated band ever, they are just amazing. The Final Countdown. great song just love it.

  10. SonjaG says

    This is my favorite commercial at this time. Bravo!! This is one of the aspects of my job. I’ve actually yelled out, “Brawk! Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!” In the office a few times because this is what I feel like. A parrot.