It’s What You Do…

If you want to save 15% or more on car insurance, you switch to GEICO. It’s what you do. In this series of commercials, GEICO shows you what else you do if …

… you taste something bad:

(Learn How to Cook Like a Raccoon)

… you want someone to leave you alone:

… you’re a parrot:

… you sit on your phone:


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Cast Credits

“Sleeping Beauty”:
Sleeping Beauty: Annika Noelle
Prince Charming: James Trevena-Brown
Voice-Over: Andrew Anthony

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  1. Steve Hale says

    Your ad with the raccoon’s “C’mon try it” ” because that’s what you do!” is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Awesome funny! I laugh every time I see it. Love it.

  2. Cindy Middleton says

    Your Tarzan commercial was my favorite until the racoons came along. I laugh every time I watch it, just pure hillarious!

  3. Sharon Jiadi says

    Your racoon Comercial is my all time favorite Comercial ever. I love it and laugh Everytime I see it. Whoever made it is Genous !!!

  4. WillieB says

    Geico makes the best commercials ever!
    Always love the cute little geico but the latest with Ice T and the raccoons are hysterical!
    I could watch that raccoon commercial every hour!

  5. D. Bailey says

    You taste something bad commercial with the talking raccoons is hysterical
    So funny I had to share it on Facebook!
    Great approach! Loved it!