Mother Knows Best

GEICO’s latest commercial spot, “Spy,” features a Bond-style hero being sweetly interrupted by a phone call from his delightful mom:

The actress playing “Mom,” Cindy Drummond, gave us such great deadpan, ad-libbed material, we just had to show you the outtakes. Check out this series of shorts:

Check out the rest of the It’s What You Do commercial series here.

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  1. unamused says

    This commercial makes my family question whether or not we should switch insurance providers. I can take a joke along with everyone else, but this is hurtful, and divisive. So many mothers go out of there way to not pester their children, to the point of not speaking to them more than 2 times a month or so. This commercial perpetuates a hurtful sexist stereotype that women and mothers nag. I thought we were past this… If Geico chooses to portray women and mother figures in this unsupportive way, I do not think my family can support Geico.