Mother Knows Best

GEICO’s latest commercial spot, “Spy,” features a Bond-style hero being sweetly interrupted by a phone call from his delightful mom:

The actress playing “Mom,” Cindy Drummond, gave us such great deadpan, ad-libbed material, we just had to show you the outtakes. Check out this series of shorts:

Check out the rest of the It’s What You Do commercial series here.

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  1. Brenda says

    Where can I buy the chairs you have on this commercial??? I love them!!! also i love this commercial it’s one of the best

  2. Sally says

    this is the stupidest commercial in the world; how dare you insinuate that mothers always call at the wrong time and only to say stupid things?! this is an insult to moms everywhere and you should be ashamed.

  3. Marti says

    My husband & I LOVE this commercial! So well done by the actors, and the squirrels are obviously loving their lifestyle! But the stress in the son’s voice sounds just like our son when we call! Maybe both sons need less stressful lifestyles, like the squirrels?

  4. Jay B says

    There’s more to this ad than Mom calling at an inopportune time. What caught my attention is what she is saying and the squirrels in the background. That’s what makes this a funny ad.
    Next time it comes on, look past the the obvious and focus on her words and what’s happening around the pool. Whoever wrote this ad is a pure comedic genius.

  5. Nancy Miller says

    The casting is great in the spy ads about squirrels. She is perfect. Love to see it come on. By far, this is at the top of my list of great ads.

  6. Diane Gaffney says

    Cindy Drummond is brilliant at portraying SOOO many Moms that I know! Myself included! The Geico “Spy” commercial is a priceless classic!

  7. Barbara Z. Banks says

    My first knowledge of this commercial was my 28-year old daughter commenting that she HATED it. So I watched for it, and can’t stop laughing! I think it’s hilarious, and one of the few advertisements I’ll watch again and again. The outtakes are great, too!

  8. Diane Gaffney says

    I TOTALLY LOVE THE GEICO “MOM” commercial!!! It is literally THE BEST commercial I’ve ever watched, bar none!!!

    Please keep up the great work!!!

    Diane Gaffney
    Geico Customer for many years

  9. Lisa says

    I HATE this commercial – actually hate the mom. I mute it. She may be a great actress but she is soooo annoying.