Celebrate The True Spirit Of Veterans Day

Thank you, Veterans

Every November 11, kids get the day off from school, alternate-side parking is suspended, and roughly 25,000 people march up Fifth Avenue in New York City. That evening, news programs typically run short segments about Veterans Day, a federal holiday known to most, but understood by few.

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Military Must-Read: Living With No Excuses

Noah Galloway - Living With No Excuses

In an instant, everything can change.

In December 2005, hard-charging infantryman Noah Galloway was fighting in Iraq when a roadside bomb transformed his life. He found himself confined to a hospital bed, missing one arm and one leg, his jaw wired shut.

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Moving Tips From Military Spouses

military moving

Moving seven times in 11 years is no joke, but that’s exactly what Pamela C., her Navy husband and their two young children have done, and each move has come with its own challenges. Fortunately, Pamela’s had the inner strength to keep a sense of perspective about it, and has …keep reading

America’s Most-Visited War Memorials


Every November, Veterans Day brings America together to honor its Military Veterans. But remembrance of their heroic deeds continues year-round, at monuments, memorials, battlefields and forts across the country. And millions of people travel to pay tribute to our Veterans, relearn the historical significance of their sacrifices, and appreciate the …keep reading

You Know You’re In A Military Family When…

little girls coloring while military parent looks on

You’re all too familiar with the scenarios that only a Military Family could understand—like forgetting your ZIP code at the gas pump or having kids who each were born in a different part of the world. Here, three Military spouses share their “Been there, learned that” moments when it comes …keep reading