GEICO Skytypers Crowdsource Name For Maneuver

Earlier this year GEICO Skytyper fans were tasked with a special mission: to name their new maneuver. The move sees the team’s six Second World War-era planes spread out like a fan and then thread between each other. Here’s what it looks like:

The winning name, “The Hashtag,” was submitted by Jodi Florence and her daughter Danielle from Varnville, S.C. Lead solo pilot Steve Salmirs, who designs and choreographs the show, picked the winner.

Other contenders for the name included:
“The Stack Attack” – Tim Hellaby
“Surrender Dorothy” or “The Lattice” – Shelley Young Lewis
“The Spiderweb” – Peter John and his daughter Kaitlyn Aquino
“The Texan Tornado” – Peter Stetson
“The Flat Palm Split” – Alexander Alverez
“The Patriot Burst” – Mike Barlow
“Tic Tac Toe” – Marina Donlon
“The Gecko GetTogether” – Cathy Bassett
“The Mixer” – David Vanderhouse
“The Lizard’s Lair” or “The Fly Trap” – John Wills
“The Cross Stitch” – AJ Schwenkert
“The Distinguished Sky Cross” – Matthew Watts
“Pin Point” – Mark Majin
“The GEICO Firework” – Kristina Krauer

Opening their air show season with the new maneuver, The Hashtag was unveiled at the Melbourne Beach Air and Space show in Florida.

“We love showing audiences what this vintage gem of a warbird can do,” said solo pilot Tom Daly on the GEICO Skytypers website. “We’d never change our entire routine because there are so many crowd favorites, but we do enjoy the challenge of inserting a formation like this one. It keeps us sharp.”

To stay up-to-date on what the GEICO Skytypers are up to, visit their Facebook page.

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