GEICO App Celebrates 6th Birthday

It’s our 6th birthday!

We want to thank you for your support. Let’s take a look back at how far we’ve come.


The GEICO Mobile app was born. It’s hard to believe, but the world wasn’t always flat… design that is.

GEICO App 2009-2010


The app gets a new look, and we spoke our first words with Lily—our virtual assistant.

GEICO App 2011-2013


The GEICO Mobile app gets a makeover and allows you to do everything you can do online in the app.

GEICO App 2014-2015

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  1. Sharon says

    Just wanted to say that the new advertisement with the young boy who plays Peter Pan is extremely talented. He is so happy and full of fun! I enjoy watching that commercial! Thanks!

  2. Prudencio Sosa says

    I need the Geico mobile app for the Windows phone can you make this available to download from your website. Thanks