How To Get A Cracked Or Chipped Windshield Repaired

Glazier repairing windscreen after stone chipping damageGetting repairs for a chipped or cracked windshield is a breeze when you’re covered when you have comprehensive coverage from GEICO auto insurance. Don’t just take our word for it – windshield repair is a breeze, according to GEICO policyholders.

“Our customers are delighted that we offer windshield repair service to them at no charge,” says John Little, an assistant vice president at GEICO. “With comprehensive coverage on your policy, we waive the deductible for damage that can be repaired.”

If you have a small chip, nick or crack in your windshield, we can send a professional repair technician to your home or office. Just give us a call and we’ll make all the necessary arrangements.

“Repairing the windshield protects its structural integrity,” says Little. “It is important to have the damage repaired as quickly as possible to prevent the chip or crack from spreading.” Chips must be smaller than a quarter, and cracks must be smaller than a dollar bill to be repairable.

Why use GEICO’s windshield repair?

  • It’s convenient. You don’t have to take time off work or rent a car while the repair is being completed. A technician will come to your home or place of work and do the repair on the spot.
  • It’s quick. The repair is done while you wait. In most cases, that means approximately 30 minutes.
  • It’s inexpensive. The deductible for windshield repair is waived if you carry comprehensive coverage.
  • You can avoid other problems. Replacing a windshield, instead of repairing it, involves breaking the original factory seal. That can make the area around the windshield more prone to leaks, which can lead to additional problems.
  • You can help protect the environment. Because a layer of laminate is fused to windshield glass, it’s more difficult to recycle. By repairing your existing windshield, disposal isn’t an issue.

Customer Testimonials for GEICO’s Windshield Repair Service

“I wanted to commend both GEICO and their service partner, Safelite, for completing my windshield claim in such a seamless, effortless, and timely manner. Placed claim on Sunday; job completed Tuesday. Crew arrived at noon on a window of between 1pm and 6pm. That simply never happens anymore. … Much appreciated.”
— Richard G. from California

“For quality of service, I have yet to see an insurance company that does a better job than GEICO. A pebble cracks your windshield on the way to work? No problem–they’ll send someone out that day while you’re at work to fix it in the parking lot.”
— Tanya M. from Illinois

If your vehicle’s glass is damaged, you can report your glass claim online or via the GEICO Mobile app, and schedule a convenient repair appointment, or call 1-800-510-2291.

By Shanna Parks

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  1. KB says

    It’s not convenient and it’s not quick. Seriously stay away from Geico. Was leaving to go out of town and had to have my windshield repaired. Their third party provider’s system was down and it was 2 days later before I heard from them. Went ahead and had the repair done. Geico now refuses to pay. Ridiculous. Taking my business elsewhere. I guess they’re willing to pay a lot more to replace the windshield than just replace it.

    • Editor (GEICO) says

      Thanks for reaching out. We’d like another opportunity to review your claim with you. Please give us a call at 1-800-947-AUTO (2886) so we can assist you further.

  2. Paula Suasa says

    So I made the phone call but Nooooo, I have to go on line or text…stupid. So I will do it. But I don’t understand why they can’t just talk to me by phone…my phone dosn’t text by the way.

  3. Robert Frost says

    You need to have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle or it will not be fixed. I’m a Geico customer and they just told me that. This article gave me the impression that they would repair it no matter what. Just be aware of that.

    • Jess James says

      Why would you think otherwise when the article states, “Getting repairs for a crack or chip in your vehicle’s windshield is a breeze when you’re covered when you have comprehensive coverage from GEICO auto insurance.” They clearly explain.

  4. Dan Glass says

    Why would The insurance company waive the deductible to repair a chipped windshield? I’ve heard the repair typically costs about $100. If a customer has full coverage, and needs a rock chip repair, if a claim is made, does the customer actually pay nothing? And. would a claim like this raise rates for the customer’s future insurance?

    • Nurtz Kidd says

      Because windshield replacement is much costlier. A ding often ends up as a replacement, if not repaired. So they contract with a glass repair service, getting a discount rate, and repair (for maybe $50 a throw) vs. covering an $800 repair a few months later, less a deductible of maybe $300. They pay $50 to avoid a claim of $500, in other words. And get a happier customer! Win-win!

    • Mike says

      Mike from Red Rock Chip Repair in St George, Utah. Yes, the insurance company will cover the repair granted you have full coverage insurance on the vehicle. I do hundreds of repairs, many through Geico. They have always been a great company to work with. Here’s a tip though. Get the repair facilities information: Name, address and phone number. Call the 800 number for Geico before going to the shop, they will do a short interview then issue a referral number, Geico may or may not call the shop so make sure you get that referral number. This will save you time at the repair facility. I hope this helps some.

  5. Todd Cottrell says

    Just an F.Y.I. Your claim or rock chip repair doesn’t have to go through Safelite you can use any glass company you would like to use. So don’t let them falsely steer you to them.