Can Food Labels Improve How We Eat?

FDA food label

Few people besides federal employees can really appreciate the impact the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has on our daily lives. This public health agency plays a major role in regulating the packaged foods and medicines we consume. That’s a tall order requiring time, personnel and research, which is why—after …keep reading

9 Questions To Ask Before You Rent

9 Questions to Ask Before You Rent

When you find a place with big closets, snazzy appliances and a roomy floor plan that also happens to fall in your budget, the instinct is to sign the lease…stat!

But before you put pen to paper (and bust out your checkbook), make sure you’re asking the landlord—and …keep reading

Sweet Success: Clever Recipes From Leftover Easter Candy

easter candy chocolate bunny

When you wait all year for marshmallows decorated like chicks, bunny-shaped chocolates and eggs with crunchy candy shells or creamy centers, it’s easy to go overboard with Easter candy. But you’re not alone: more than three-quarters of American parents buy or create an Easter basket for their children, according a …keep reading

Conquer Clutter For Good. Really.

photos of organized piles of clothing and pillows

If you fantasize about living in a spotless and super-organized home, but never manage to throw anything away, that’s a problem—and not just because clutter is an eyesore.

Those piles and stacks can become a fire hazard, notes Lisa Zaslow, a professional organizer and founder of Gotham Organizers. …keep reading