8 Strange-But-Tasty Pizza Toppings To Try

Macaroni and cheese pizza

With so many pepperoni, sausage, and plain cheese slices out there, it’s easy to overlook the obvious: Pizza is a canvas for all sorts of weird and flavorful ingredients. Here are a few worth trying.


Although most people …keep reading

How To Eliminate Unpleasant Kitchen Odors

fish on dinner plate

The wafting aroma of turkeys roasting and cookies baking can put smiles on our faces. But when pleasant scents become leftover odors, those wide smiles can become scrunched noses.

Sure, a candle or diffuser can help, but it’s just adding another layer. “There’s a big difference between masking …keep reading

How To Deep Fry A Turkey

Thanksgiving spread with turkey

Irresistibly tender and quick to cook, the allure of the deep-fried turkey has increased in popularity in recent years. Note that safety is a critical component, especially with pets, curious kids and other small fry around.

Ingredients for success

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