How To Host The Ultimate Backyard Party

backyard party

When’s the best time to throw a backyard bash? Well, anytime it’s warm and dry enough, of course. While summer clearly serves up the most opportunities for outdoor fun, an unexpectedly warm spring or fall day can also inspire alfresco amusement.

While turning a casual backyard gathering into …keep reading

How To Clean A Grill In Minutes

outdoor grilling party

When summer hits, you want to have every meal outdoors. (And every morning coffee and afternoon ice cream, too.)

So you’re probably using your grill a lot. It makes for yummy burgers, but dealing with the residue isn’t nearly as enjoyable. Here’s the good news: cleaning up your …keep reading

Can Food Labels Improve How We Eat?

FDA food label

Few people besides federal employees can really appreciate the impact the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has on our daily lives. This public health agency plays a major role in regulating the packaged foods and medicines we consume. That’s a tall order requiring time, personnel and research, which is why—after …keep reading