5 New Products Your Pet Will Love

If you’re pet-crazy and proud of it, any old food dish or bed won’t do for your darling. To help you indulge Spot and Felix on a level equal to the love, companionship and slobbery kisses they give you, consider these latest and greatest accessories designed for the most pampered pets.

Bowled Over

Black and white cat eating out of stainless steel bowlIf you see kitty knocking food out of her bowl and eating off the floor, she’s not reverting to primal table manners: The dish might be brushing her whiskers in a bothersome way. Designed to keep facial hair from hitting the edges with every bite or sip, this shallow stainless-steel server from Dr. Catsby’s Feline Remedies ($19.99) lets cats eat or drink comfortably.

I Spy

petcube bitesBe there for your dog or cat—even toss him a treat!—after you’ve left for work, that is, with Petcube Bites ($249; available in January 2017). The HD camera connects to a smartphone app to let you dispense treats remotely. You can also see if Rex or Kitty is sleeping the day away or has such separation anxiety that you need to rush home to administer a soothing massage. The cam also features night vision and two-way audio, so you can listen in and talk to your pet. Spot will (almost) feel like you never left the house.

A Whole New Ball Game

ifetchMake it impossible for Ruby to get bored by gifting her the iFetch Frenzy ($39.95). It releases mini tennis balls in different directions every time your pal drops one into the top slot. It’s perfect for high-energy small to medium-size dogs. Meanwhile, you can supervise nearby while you’re occupied with dinner prep or your latest binge-watching session.

Canine Comfort

boston terrier in dog bedThe same engineers who created Casper’s (human) mattress came up with a version for your best friend ($125–$225). Since a dog spends more than half its life sleeping, man’s best friend needs a bed that’s both cozy and sturdy—and this one delivers in spades, with memory and support foam for pressure-relief and durability. A machine-washable, microfiber fabric cover lets pups dig into the surface as they get situated for naptime. Plus, there’s a 100-night trial period in case Spot decides he prefers something firmer.

Kitty Spa

cat spaYour cat needs a little me-time—or rather, meow-time. Catit’s Senses 2.0 Wellness Center ($24.99) allows Whiskers to unwind with ridges to rub against, brushes for fur-combing and even a gum stimulator where you can add mellow-inducing catnip. Kitty bliss.

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By Catherine Strawn

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