Scott Kelly: What It’s Like To Live In Space

Astronaut Scott Kelly

You’ve likely heard of Scott and Mark Kelly, the American astronauts—and identical twins—who have collectively logged nearly 600 days in space. But did you know that their final mission, to compare the long-term effects of life in space (Scott) with that of a genetic twin on Earth (Mark), could provide …keep reading

Play “Spot The Smart Password”

username and password on screen

You type them in constantly—on your phone, your computer and your other gadgets. But how secure are your passwords?

With large-scale data breaches constantly in the news, password strength is essential to keeping your finances and privacy safe. Take this quiz to see how yours stacks up. …keep reading

5 Things To Know Before Buying A Drone

Man and dog flying a drone

Think you and your new drone are ready for takeoff? Not so fast. Even though your gadget looks like a toy, it’s actually an aircraft. Even though you can’t wait to get it into the air, there are a few things you need to do before that first ascent. …keep reading