The Best Tech For Long Drives

Kids in backseat playing on tablet

Fact: Long drives can be really boring. And since many summer trips are road trips, most people are looking for ways to pass time in the car.

You don’t have spend a ton of cash on new gadgets to entertain your crew, though. Your own mobile devices—along with …keep reading

9 Reasons To Give Video Games A Try

Man and woman playing video game

Adults sometimes write video games off as child’s play, but that’s because they don’t realize the many benefits the occasional turn with the controller can have for gamers of all ages. Yes, games are fun (and that’s reason enough for us), but there are plenty of scientific justifications for playing …keep reading

3 Super Movie Car Secrets

Batmobile from 1960s TV

Here at GEICO we love cars. Some of our favorite scenes in movies and TV shows are ones that feature a cool car chase. From the 1968 Ford Mustang GT featured in Bullitt to the DeLorean DMC-12 featured in Back To The Future, iconickeep reading