America’s Coolest Lighthouses


It’s hard to imagine America’s coastal landscapes without the string of lighthouses guarding their shores. Sure, the need for these maritime icons has lessened greatly, but thanks to their storied histories and prime waterside settings, the lighthouse structures—and their timeless romance—endure.

Fortunately, along oceans and lakes, these longstanding …keep reading

Glamping: How To Camp In Total Comfort

chic rv camping on a sea cliff

If the words “vacation” and “camping” don’t go together in your mind, you’re not alone. Sleeping in the great outdoors has traditionally meant roughing it: battling mosquitoes by night in a sleeping bag wedged into a cramped tent, with only a tepid cup of instant coffee to look forward to …keep reading

How To Save Big On Your Summer Vacation

Family riding bikes on beach

Picture it: Strolling along canals and bridges. Riding in a wooden gondola at sunset to admire modern and classical homes (and your gondolier’s singing) as oars slice through shimmering water.

Think you’re vacationing in Venice? You’re right—sort of. The canals of Venice, Calif., were built with the Italian …keep reading