Make Your Next Trip A Volunteer Vacation

mountain landscape

Steven Veit clearly remembers his first volunteer vacation, in 2008. Recently retired, he’d decided to embrace his love of nature by joining a trail-maintenance trip with the Sierra Club, one of America’s first service-trip coordinators (it began offering them in 1958).

His destination? Arizona’s Saguaro National Park—a sweeping …keep reading

America’s Creepiest Places To Visit

Eastern State Penitentiary

Decaying stone walls surround you as you walk through darkened hallways, passing by the rusted doors of small cells. Prisoners once lived here in total isolation, with little to do but think about the path that led them there. It has been decades since Pennsylvania’s Eastern State Penitentiary housed prisoners, …keep reading

7 Most Beautiful College Towns In America

Waco, Texas

Stroll the streets of Ithaca, N.Y., and the town’s impressive beauty quickly comes into focus. A creek tumbles down a 20-foot waterfall and rushes into the heart of downtown. Independent boutiques and art galleries line the pedestrian mall, while the stately architecture of Ithaca’s higher-learning institutions rises nearby. Surrounding it …keep reading