Simple Ways To Earn A Little Pocket Money

Woman walking dogsDigging for change in the couch isn’t the only way to find extra money. Have you considered becoming a “micro-entrepreneur”? The trend is popping up everywhere, thanks in part to micro-job sites like and, where you can sign up and bid to run users’ posted errands, such as grocery shopping and pet-sitting. On, you can offer your own unique skill, like creating a personalized makeup tutorial or sketching a portrait, for $5.

If you have spare time or even just an empty parking space, you can easily make some money on the side.

Here are a few more ideas for side jobs:

  • Turn dog-walking into a business. Post a notice in your neighborhood, offering to walk other people’s pooches for just a few bucks.
  • Rent out your driveway. Car owners always need a parking spot, especially if you live close to an office building, a sports stadium or an airport.
  • Do you speak another language? Are you a math whiz? Thanks to video-chat and screen-sharing services like Skype, you can tutor a student online without leaving the house.
  • Apply to be a mystery shopper for market research. Get paid to buy products and dine out while dishing on the store’s quality and service.

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By Heather Li

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  1. VB says

    It’s practically impossible to find one of these mystery shopper jobs that isn’t worthless. I know because I researched these jobs and the so-called good ones don’t exist.