5 Ways To Save Money On An Engagement Ring

man shopping for engagement ring

Princess. Marquise. Round brilliant. Cushion.

It’s no mystery that diamonds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The question is, which one is right for your budget?

True love doesn’t come with a price tag, of course, but a romantic proposal doesn’t necessarily have to …keep reading

5 Steps To Rocking A Sample Sale

young woman shopping a sample sale

The doors swing open and you rush through with the crowd, tear through a pile of shoes and find gold…gold designer pumps, that is. They’re your size and a whopping 90 percent off. Success!

Welcome to the world of sample sales—shopping events where retailers sell runway-worn items, excess …keep reading

How To Spot A Knockoff Online

How to spot a knockoff online

Designer sunglasses for $12. High-end jeans that cost $8. A piece of antique furniture at a temptingly low price.

We all know how thrilling it can be to find a great deal online. But before you put the item in your shopping cart, take a moment and look …keep reading

5 Smart Investments To Make Right Now

5 balls of US 1 dollar bills of various size in ascending size order, floating in mid air on white floor, green background

You just found $500 you want to invest. What do you do?

With so many options—from stocks, bonds and mutual funds to retirement accounts, all with their own risks—this choice can be a difficult one.

But even though planning ahead is crucial, nearly half the families …keep reading