How to Report a Car Accident Insurance Claim Online

Reporting Your Claim Is Convenient, Easy, And Quick

You can report your Auto, Motorcycle, Windshield/Glass, RV, ATV, or Mechanical Breakdown claim online and receive the same prompt, thorough, and courteous service that our customers receive over the phone.

To report your claim online, simply log in and select the type of claim you need to report.

You will then be asked to provide:

  • the state where the incident occurred
  • the date and time it happened
  • a general description of what happened

Throughout the report we may ask you for additional information such as contact information for other parties, vehicle locations, property owner information, and police report details. While this information is helpful to have as soon as possible, you can still report your claim without it.

We will follow up with you right away.

Once you complete the claim report we will send you a confirmation email, and you will be able to view and manage your claim right away.

A GEICO claim examiner will call you to explain the next steps, confirm the details, and arrange for a GEICO auto damage adjuster to inspect your vehicle damage. This examiner will also be able to answer any questions you may have. (If you submit your claim later than 8:00 PM, we will usually call you the next morning.

Report your claim by phone.

To report a claim of any type by phone to one of our GEICO Insurance Agency partner companies, please refer to our list of contact numbers for claims assistance.

File a claim in as little as 5 minutes with the GEICO Mobile app.

The GEICO Mobile app makes the claims process easy, while also helping you along the way.

  • Easy claim filing
  • Request emergency roadside service
  • Easy photo estimate (damage estimates in the app)
  • Gather claim information
  • Track your claim process

We're here to help.

This material is intended for general information only. It does not expand coverage beyond the policy contract. Please refer to your policy contract for any specific information or questions on applicability of coverage.