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Image of Easy Estimate view in Mobile app - full screenGetting an estimate for damage to your vehicle has never been easier. No appointment and no waiting in line. With Easy Photo Estimate you can get an estimate and receive payment for your damage right from the mobile app or on geico.com

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How does Easy Photo Estimate work?

1. Access your claim on your mobile device from our app or geico.com and select Easy Photo Estimate as your repair estimate type.
2. Take pictures of your damage from a few angles and upload them to your claim (we'll guide you).
3. An auto damage adjuster will review the photos, write an estimate, and issue your payment in as little as one business day.
4. Give the estimate to your body shop when you take the vehicle in for repair.

How do I take the best photos?

The damage should be easy to see in the picture, so make sure you have:

  • Good lighting. Please ensure your photos taken in well-lit areas, with minimal glare or shadows.
  • Clear visibility. Make sure the damaged area is dry and not covered by any objects, such as snow, dirt, leaves, drop cloths, boxes, etc.
  • Proper distance. The online guide helps you with taking each picture from the right distance. Some photos will need to be of the entire vehicle, and some will only need to be of a specific area.
  • Full vehicle access. Give yourself room to move around your whole vehicle so you can take pictures from all sides.
  • Proof of ownership. We need a photo of the vehicle title or registration to verify ownership and issue payment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where do I request the Easy Photo Estimate inspection type?

    If you're filing a claim under your own policy you may access your claim from your mobile device in the mobile app or on geico.com. Customers filing for damage under someone else's GEICO policy need to access their claim using their mobile device on geico.com.

  • Once I request the Easy Photo Estimate inspection, when do I start taking photos?

    We'll send you a confirmation email that gives you an access link to begin the process. If you're filing a claim under your own policy, you may also use the mobile app or log into geico.com on your mobile device to begin the process.
    If you're filing under someone else's GEICO policy, you may log on to geico.com from your mobile device to begin.

  • How long does it take to complete the Easy Photo Estimate photo taking process?

    You will be taking and submitting 10 photos, which usually takes about 15 mins.

  • I submitted a set of photos and I received a request to take more. Where do I go to do that?

    When submitting photo retakes, please access your claim using geico.com.

  • What happens after I submit the photos?

    Once you submit your photos an auto damage adjuster will be assigned to review them. They will complete a detailed estimate and email you a copy. Your adjuster will then contact you to discuss payment options.

  • What if my repair shop says my damages are more than the estimate I received?

    Please have your repair shop contact your auto adjuster.

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