Car Insurance Payments - How to Pay Your Bill

It's your money; make your car insurance payments your way.

Get important information about car insurance payments and how to pay your auto policy premiums. GEICO offers a number of flexible ways to pay your car insurance bill, from paying all at once to paying with installments. Just determine the best car insurance payment option for you and we'll provide the details.

Auto Insurance Payment Plans

Pay your bill in full.

It couldn't be easier. Just pay the full policy premium by the policy effective date and you're done! (And you'll avoid any installment charges.)

Budget your payments over time.

  • Pay 2 Installments

    Pay 50% of the total car insurance premium on the effective date of the policy. Then, pay the rest of the premium two months later.

  • Pay 3 Installments

    On the effective date of your car insurance policy, pay 40% of the total premium. Two additional payments of 30% each will be due at 1 and 2 months after the effective date.

  • Pay 4 Installments

    Pay just 25% of your auto insurance premium on the date your policy becomes effective. The three remaining 25% payments will be due 1, 2, and 3 months after the effective date.

  • Pay 5 Installments (New Policies Only)

    Make an initial payment of 25% of your total premium on the effective date of your policy. Then make four additional payments of 18.75% each month, for the 4 months after the effective date.

  • Pay 6 Installments (Renewal Policies Only)

    If you're renewing your policy, we'll bill you 16.66% of the total premium one month prior to the effective date of the policy. Then, five additional payments of 16.67% will be due each month, for the next five months.

Please Note: Certain payment plans may not be available in all states. If you elect to pay your premium in installments, you may be subject to an additional fee for each installment payment. The fee amount will be shown on your billing statements and is subject to change. Florida policies issued by GEICO or GEICO General with only personal injury protection (PIP) and/or property damage coverage must be paid in full.

Car Insurance Payment Methods

One-time Online Payments – Convenience at Your Fingertips

  • Write an Online Check

    Pay directly from your checking account. Here's how it works:

    • Log in to the secure Policyholder Service Center
    • Provide your checking account information
    • Your bank will process the payment within five business days. (The transaction will show up on your bank statement as "GEICO PYMT.")
    • For added convenience, store your banking information so you won't need to enter it again the next time you make a payment
  • Use a Debit or Credit Card

    It's simple to make a payment with your debit card, check card, or any major credit card. Just follow these easy steps

    • Log in to the secure Policyholder Service Center
    • Click on the "Pay by Card" link and enter your payment and card account information
    • We'll charge your card within one business day

Automatic Online Payments – Set It Up Once and You're Done

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

    Paying your bill is a no-brainer with this easy payment option, which automatically deducts payments from your checking account. In most states, the normal service fee (which can be up to $5.00) is reduced to only $1.00 when using EFT.

    • Log in to the secure Policyholder Service Center
    • Follow the steps to enroll in EFT
    • Once you've set up an account, your payments will be deducted automatically according to the payment plan you selected

    Never worry about missing a payment again. As long as you have sufficient funds in your account on the scheduled payment dates, your payments will arrive on time—every time. If you sign up for text alerts, we will send a reminder before processing your payment!

  • Debit or Credit Card

    You can also set up automatic payments using a debit or credit card. Just follow these easy steps:

    • Log in to the secure Policyholder Service Center
    • Sign up for Recurring Card Payments
    • Choose a schedule for your automatic payment deductions

    If you choose to pay in installments, each payment may be subject to an installment fee as shown on your billing statement. If you sign up for text alerts, we will send a reminder before processing your payment!

It's Easy to Pay With GEICO Mobile

  • 1 click bill pay
  • Update your autopay options
  • And Apple users can let Siri do the work for you

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By Phone – Dial In a Payment Anytime

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    Use our toll-free automated phone system to enter in your payment information any time of day or night. Just follow these steps:

    • If it's the first time you're making a phone payment, have your card or checking account information available
    • Call (800) 932-8872
    • Follow the automated prompts to enter your payment information
    • If you wish, store your payment information so you won't need to re-enter it the next time you make a phone payment
    • Wait to receive a confirmation number at the end of your payment

By Mail – The Tried and True Way

  • Personal Check or Money Order

    Yes, we still accept payments from the US Postal Service. You'll receive a bill about two weeks before each payment is due. Just mail us your payment (check or money order), along with your paper bill stub, to this address:

    GEICO Insurance
    Remittance Center
    P.O. Box 70776
    Philadelphia, PA 19176-0776

    If you have received a cancellation notice and prefer to mail your payment, please use the return envelope provided with the notice you received. The payment must be postmarked on or before the cancellation date printed on the cancellation notice to prevent a lapse in coverage. If you no longer have the return envelope, please mail your payment to the following address:

    GEICO Remittance Center
    P.O. Box 70775
    Philadelphia, PA 19176-0775

    Please remember to write your policy number on the check or money order.

Remember, you can change your payment plan or payment methods anytime. Simply call (800) 932-8872 to discuss your options with a GEICO customer service representative.

Go Paperless for Your Car Insurance Payments

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