Phoenix, AZ Car Insurance

Auto Insurance In Phoenix, AZ—The Basics

Phoenix is the most populated state capital in the United States, and Arizona drivers know that there are a lot of cars on the roads. In fact, some of the busiest intersections in Phoenix are among the most dangerous in the country. It's important to have the right car insurance in Phoenix to protect yourself and your vehicle. GEICO works hard to offer great car insurance rates in the Greater Phoenix area, so get a Phoenix car insurance quote now.

Driving In Phoenix—What You Should Know

It's no surprise that driving in Phoenix can be very hard on your vehicle. During the summer, traffic gridlock can lead to many overheated cars, and dust storms can cause additional wear to your vehicle's parts. Because of this, additional safety and maintenance steps should be taken.

Your air filter can take a beating due to the dust, so be sure that is examined at least every 3,000 miles and replaced when needed. Keep a close eye on the health of your battery, as the heat can drastically affect its life. In the event of a dust storm, be sure to turn your lights on and, if possible, avoid driving into a dust storm.

Getting Around In Phoenix

If you're new to Phoenix, there are a few things you should know about getting around in the city. Phoenix's light rail system became available for use in 2008 and serves the downtown Phoenix area: perfect for shoppers, commuters, or visitors to the downtown area.

However, Phoenix is still very car-dependent. For the most part, it's easy to navigate the roads of Phoenix and the surrounding area. Central Avenue runs north-south, and the surrounding north-south roads are numbered sequentially. Roads running east-west are named mostly after presidents. Major highways I-10 and I-17 will allow you easy access to the suburbs, such as Scottsdale, Mesa, and Glendale.

Important Places In Phoenix

Camelback Mountain is one of the most famous landmarks in the area, and it's also a perfect tool to help you navigate the city. Located to the northeast of Phoenix, near Scottsdale, it derives its name from its unique shape, resembling a kneeling camel.

Phoenix's main airport is Sky Harbor International Airport located at 3400 East Sky Harbor Boulevard, about three miles southeast of downtown Phoenix. The Phoenix City Hall is a striking complex located at 200 W. Washington Street, easily accessible from any location downtown.

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