GEICO Supports Driver Safety Programs

Teen driver

GEICO is concerned about its customers and has worked for decades to help make driving safer for all citizens. That work centers on supporting legislation to protect drivers, building public awareness and developing educational materials. The company partners with federal, state and local agencies and with private, non-profit groups to deliver the country's safe driving message.

Insurance Institute For Highway Safety

If you are looking for information about vehicle safety and accident research, GEICO recommends going to, home of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. GEICO has supported the Institute since its earliest days and continues to consult with IIHS on national highway safety issues.

GEICO Support

GEICO has supported several organizations over the years to help develop and share research and information about safe driving including the National Commission Against Drunk and Drugged Driving (NCADD), Highway Insurance Loss Data Institute (HLDI), the National Highway Transportation Safety Agency (NHTSA), Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP), and the Insurance Information Institute (III).

Protecting Young Drivers

GEICO has made a pledge to help keep young drivers safe. From youngsters on up, GEICO has programs in place to teach students safe habits as they start their driving careers.

Tips For Teens

Teenagers like to think of themselves as smart, savvy and sophisticated. But they make a lot of mistakes when they first start driving that don't support that self image. GEICO offers them some guidelines that could help teens avoid accidents and get better focused on their driving behavior.

Steer Clear Of Drugs

In partnership with the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, GEICO is helping educate teens and parents about the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs. Parents can go to the Partnership For Drug-Free Kids to learn what they can do to help their teens steer clear of drug problems. Teens can get more information from about drug use prevention.

Parents: What you can do to help?

Some of the scariest words a parent may ever hear are "Can I Borrow the Car?" GEICO is trying to reduce that fear factor for parents by providing them with solid information on how to help get their young drivers off to a safe start when they begin driving.