Car Insurance Information For Teen Drivers

Everything You Want To Know

Teenage boy sitting in driver's seat holding keysLearning to drive is something you've been looking forward to for a while. You're excited about having a little freedom, but your parents are worried about your safety—and their car insurance rates. We're here to help! We think driving can be fun as long as you learn the basics to protect yourself and act responsibly.

What You Need To Know

  • Is it worth it? – Who doesn't love a great party? But do you know what really happens if you drive under the influence?
  • Graduated driver's license – What is it? How does it work? And why is it such a big deal?

Teen Driving Articles And More

Are you ready to drive but your parents still aren't on board? Check out our driving contract and related articles. Also, make sure your parents look over the advice and articles we have in our parents of teen drivers resources.

  • Teen Driving Contract: This driving contract will help you and your parents focus on safe driving habits, because parents are accountable, too.
  • The facts—you and driving: Let's face it. You want the truth; not what adults think you want to hear. Everyone knows that learning a new skill takes time and practice, but what happens when you don't take driving seriously? You and your friends are more likely to be in an accident, seriously injured or worse. Find out why.
  • Are you a distracted driver?: From cell phones to eating your lunch, distracted driving is common and dangerous. Think you know how to drive and multi-task? Read on for tips that might surprise you.
  • Competing with tractor trailers: Did you know that if you cut off a bus carrying passengers it would choose to hit you over hurting all the people onboard? Do you know where the "No-Zones" are? In a battle of car versus big rig, who do you think will win?

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