Car Insurance for Teens and New Drivers

How to Get Auto Insurance for Teen Drivers

Teenage boy sitting in driver's seat holding keysLearning to drive is something every teen looks forward to. They're excited about having a little freedom, but parents are worried about their teen's safety—and their car insurance rates. We're here to help! We think driving can be fun as long as you learn the basics and act responsibly.

Car Insurance Discounts for Teens and Young Drivers

If your young driver is a full-time student, they could qualify for these money-saving discounts.*

*Discounts available in most states.

How to Add a Teen Driver to your Car Insurance

For parents, it's important that your teen driver has the proper amount of car insurance coverage before they get behind the wheel. Luckily, adding them to your auto insurance policy is easy. It may also be cheaper than getting them a new policy of their own. Contact a GEICO agent when your teen gets their permit or driver's license to get a quote for a new driver on your policy.

Moving a Teen or Young Driver to Their Own Policy

GEICO makes it easy to move a teen or young driver to their own auto insurance policy. We can apply discounts they qualify for and give them the benefit of their experience on an existing policy. They'll also continue getting the same great customer service. We're here to help—from making a policy change, filing a claim, or even just asking us a question.

Choosing the Right Car Insurance for Teens and New Drivers

Consider the type of car: Young drivers are inexperienced and should never be allowed to drive high-performance cars. Keep in mind, too, that insurance costs are lower on more conventional vehicles.

Review your deductible: This applies to all drivers, not just young teen drivers. Increasing deductibles, which results in sharing a greater portion of any comprehensive or collision loss, can reduce auto insurance premiums. Again, check with insurers to find out exactly how much is saved by increasing the deductible from, say, $200 to $500 or even $1,000.

Drop some coverage: Consider dropping collision and comprehensive coverage for an older car, because they only cover the current value of the car.

Educating Parents and Teen Drivers

Experience helps teen drivers stay safe on the road. Experience also helps share a responsible attitude about driving. Responsible driving could help keep your car insurance rates low. We've compiled some helpful resources to get teens and parents started.

Safety Resources for Teen Drivers

  • Teen Drivers channel on You Tube: Subscribe for safety videos for and about teens.
  • Teen Driving Resources: Find brochures, presentations, and a parent-teen contract for educating teens and parents on the challenges facing young drivers.
  • IIHS Teen Driver Info: The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has information and statistics about graduated licenses, safe cars, and more.
  • Are you a distracted driver?: From cell phones to eating your lunch, distracted driving is common and dangerous. Think you know how to drive and multi-task? Read on for tips that might surprise you.
  • Parents' Role in Teen Safety: Tips to help parents shape a responsible driving attitude for their teen driver.
  • Reducing the Cost of a Teen Driver: Recommendations to help parents watch costs with a new teen driver.

Car Insurance and Accidents

Save on Car Insurance Costs for Teens

Teen drivers will need car insurance. We want to help. Here's some additional information to help with decisions about insurance coverage for teen drivers.

  • Cutting costs: Adding a teenage to a car insurance policy can be daunting, but there are steps you can take to help save money on premiums.
  • Look into car insurance discounts for students. GEICO offers eligible students Good Student Discounts in most states, as well as discounts for members of certain student organizations.


GEICO invites driver's education, law enforcement, civic and community organizations that provide education on highway and traffic safety to download a supply of our materials at no cost. For a complete list of brochures and presentations, please visit our Auto Safety Library.

GEICO contracts with various membership entities and other organizations, but these entities do not underwrite the offered insurance products.
Some discounts, coverages, payment plans, and features are not available in all states or all GEICO companies. Discount amount varies in some states. One group discount applicable per policy. Coverage is individual. In New York a premium reduction may be available. GEICO may not be involved in a formal relationship with each organization; however, you still may qualify for a special discount based on your membership, employment, or affiliation with these organizations.