Teen Driving Resources And Printable Resources

Preparing Teens And Parents For Driving Safely

From a contract between parents and teens to information on sleep deprivation and competing with tractor trailers, GEICO has an extensive number of resources available to help educate and raise awareness.

For additional information, check out our teen driving section on the challenges and dangers new drivers must face.

Teen Drivers: The First 6 Months – BrochureFirst Six Months brochure thumbnail

Parents are accountable, too. Read this summary of the Parent-Teen Driving Contract.

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Parent-Teen Driving Contract
Parent Teen contract thumbnail

GEICO's family driving contract will help parents and teens focus on safe driving habits. Note: parents are accountable, too.

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Presentation Of The First 6 Months

Teen drivers are at the highest risk for car crashes during their first six months of solo driving. Learn what factors cause most teen crashes and what parents can do to protect their teen drivers.

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Top Ten TipsTop Ten Tips brochure thumbnail

There ARE ways to help keep teens safer on the road. Here are 10 tips that apply for every new driver and his or her family.

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Presentation On Real Teen DrivingReal Teen Driving brochure thumbnail

Issues surrounding teen driving are important to teens and parents. This presentation incorporates talking points, slides, and handouts that address topics such as consequences of teen driving, graduated licensing programs, and insurance considerations. This material may be used in conjunction with the Real Teen Driving video.

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Distracted Driving Tip Sheet – BrochureDistracted driving brochure thumbnail

Distracted driving is a danger for everyone on the road, but for teens it's an even bigger threat. It is critical for teens to develop good driving habits that are distraction-free right from the start.

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Sleep Deprived Teen Driving – Brochure

Drowsy Driving brochure thumbnail

"Drowsy driving" is a significant problem that increases the risk of a crash or near-crash, and teen drivers are particularly vulnerable. Learn the signs of sleep deprivation and how to make changes in your lifestyle and routine to support better sleep habits.

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Teens And Trucks – Brochure

Teens and Trucks brochure thumbnail

Did you know that auto drivers cause most of the highway car-and-truck crashes? That's because of a truck's enormous blind spots. This brochure lists the five top tips to help keep you safe when driving near the big rigs.

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"Is It Worth It?" – Brochure

Is It Worth It brochure thumbnail

We don't think teen drinking or drug use is worth potential jail time, large fines, loss of license and mandatory submission to searches. What do you think?

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Young Drivers Guide To Auto Insurance – Brochure

Young Drivers guide brochure thumbnail

What IS the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage? What ARE limits? How MUCH insurance does anyone need? Here's the quick and easy information.

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The Distracted Brain – Brochure

The Distracted Brain brochure thumbnail

Can the brain really multitask? See the risks and find out what you can do to prevent crashes caused by distractions.

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