GEICO says: Go mobile anywhere, just not in your car; drive alert, not distracted

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 4, 2023 – This Distracted Driving Awareness Month, feel free to check your smartphone just about anywhere–your favorite recliner, a sun-soaked park bench, or your go-to local business. But GEICO requests that you don't go mobile in your vehicle and, instead, focus on driving alert, not distracted.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), 3,142 people died due to distracted driving in 2020 – a year in which fewer people than usual were on the road due to the pandemic.

If your smartphone tempts you, take extra steps to keep it out of sight and earshot—and turn it to do not disturb.

While smartphones can be a big distraction, they are not alone. To drive alert and not distracted, try addressing these distracting habits:

  • Mind wandering: Time behind the wheel can sometimes drag, which makes it easy to let your mind drift. A wandering mind can lead to tunnel vision that causes drivers to miss common objects.
  • Your best friend in the passenger seat: Loud conversations and horseplay are fine for a party, but bad news in the car.

NHTSA suggests everyone—including teens, parents, educators and employers—has a part to play in preventing needless death and suffering from distracted driving:

  • Teens: Encourage the teens in your life to make their voice heard when they see someone, including their parents, driving distracted.
  • Parents: Parents need to lead by example — by always driving alert, never distracted —and should educate their children about the dangers of distraction and all the responsibilities that come with driving.
  • Educators and Employers: Educators and employers can launch campaigns and spread the word about how dangerous distracted driving is.

"Safety is paramount at GEICO—we want everyone to get from point A to point B safely. It's up to each motorist to drive alert, pay attention to the road and never be distracted by phones, passengers or anything else. We remind you that when you go mobile, leave the phone on do not disturb," said Frank Pickering, Vice President of Operations, Physical Damage, GEICO.

For more safe driving tips, visit GEICO's Safe Driving Resources page. GEICO also created DriveEasy to help make roads safer for everyone. This program is for everyone – and, if you're a policyholder, when you enroll, you could see significant savings.

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