Meet The Team

Since we opened our doors in 1936 the Military customer has been an important part of GEICO. You are the ones we love to serve.

Please accept this invitation to contact our GEICO Military Team whenever you want help with any insurance problem. Below you'll find your Military advocates—The GEICO Military Team—each one committed to providing you with the best insurance possible.

The GEICO Military Team

Wayne Petro

Wayne Petro – CMSgt, USAF (Ret.)
(757) 427-3869 or
(757) 406-4927
Wayne Petro

Yasmin Decasseres

Yasmin DeCasseres – SGT, USAF (Former)
Administration and Logistical Support
(800) 824-5404 ext. 3812 or
(301) 986-3812
Yasmin DeCasseres

Tony Patterson

Tony Patterson – CMSgt, USAF (Ret.)
South East Sector
(240) 743-7182
Tony Patterson

Joe Barron

Joe Barron – CMSgt, USAF (Ret.)
Central Sector
(972) 855-6494
Joe Barron

Kevin Isherwood

Kevin Isherwood – CMC, USCG (Ret.)
Western Sector
(240) 786-2775
Kevin Isherwood