About Our Military Service Awards Program

Program Purpose

The GEICO Military Service Awards Program recognizes and pays tribute to the many contributions of our Nation's Military enlisted members as, "Citizen and Service Member." Over the years, GEICO has observed many noteworthy contributions by those who serve the Civilian and Military Community as well as their Country. Unfortunately, these worthy achievements often go unrecognized by the public.

The GEICO Military Service Awards, with the support of the GEICO Philanthropic Foundation, help spotlight and publicly recognize some of the valuable and lasting contributions that enlisted members of the Armed Services make in their communities.

The Awards

The awards honor one currently serving enlisted member from each of the six Armed Services and one enlisted member from the National Guard for their achievements and contributions for the good of the Civilian and/or Military communities. The achievements or contributions may be made in one of the following areas of endeavor:

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention
  • Fire Safety and Fire Prevention
  • Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention

The seven recipients will be recognized annually. Recipients receive a plaque to commemorate their accomplishments, as well as a cash honorarium of $2,500 from the GEICO Philanthropic Foundation. Read more about previous outstanding Military Service Award Program Recipients.


All currently serving enlisted service members, including Reserve and National Guard with at least one year of retainability/obligated service remaining following the date of the Award submission deadline, typically 01Dec are eligible. Previous recipients are ineligible.

Selection Criteria

Selections are based on off-duty volunteer activities and/or collateral/additional duty individual contributions or noteworthy accomplishments made in one of the areas of endeavor while serving in one of the six Armed Services or the National Guard. Contributions/Accomplishments for which nominations are based may span several prior years, may be ongoing, or may have been accomplished completely in the prior year.


Through the individual Service's established procedures, each unit/base/post/activity may nominate enlisted members who have provided outstanding service to the Military or Civilian community through noteworthy achievements in one of the three areas of endeavor recognized by the GEICO Military Service Awards.

Nominees will be judged first on their off-duty volunteer activities, and then their collateral/additional duties, and to the extent to which these activities have served to inspire other Military or Civilian personnel.

Submit materials in one package consisting of not more than three pages through the appropriate Military Service channels. To be considered, all nominations must be submitted and received by the date established by each nominating activity.

Nomination packages shall consist of the following:

  • A completed GEICO Military Service Award Nomination form.
  • A high resolution, digital photo with head and shoulders view of the nominee in service dress uniform WITHOUT cover/headgear.
  • A letter of endorsement from the highest Military authority on the assigned installation or the first O-6 commander in the chain of command.

Individual units may nominate according to their service's established procedures, i.e., their Awards Branch, Safety Center, etc., but must submit a completed GEICO Military Service Award Nomination form. The nomination packages are due to GEICO no later than 01 December each year. GEICO will make the final selections and notify each Service of their respective recipient in the early part of the new year. One active duty or reserve enlisted member from each Service and one enlisted member from the National Guard will be selected as the GEICO Military Service Award Recipients.

Point of contact for each service:

United States Army:
James "JT" Coleman
U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center
Building 4905 Ruf Ave
Fort Rucker, AL 36362-5363
Email: James.t.coleman44.civ@mail.mil
Phone: (334) 255-0043

United States Marine Corps:
Mr. Dale Wisnieski
CMC Safety Division (SD)
701 S. Courthouse Road, Bldg. 12
Suite 20050
Arlington, VA 22204-2462
Email: dale.wisnieski@usmc.mil
Phone: (703) 604-4459

United States Navy:
Keith Wilson
Commander Naval Safety Center
375 A Street, Building SP-91
NAS Norfolk, VA 23511-4399
Email: Keith.E.Wilson@navy.mil
Phone: (757) 444-3520, Ext. 7259
Fax: (757) 444-6044

United States Air Force:
Director, Awards & Decorations
550 C Street, W., Suite 12
JBSA Randolph, TX 78150-4714
Email: AFPC.DP1SSP.RecognitionProcess@US.AF.Mil
Phone: (210) 565-2520
Fax: (210) 565-3578

United States Space Force:
Director, Awards & Decorations
550 C Street, W., Suite 12
JBSA Randolph, TX 78150-4714
Email: AFPC.DP1SSP.RecognitionProcess@US.AF.Mil
Phone: (210) 565-2520
Fax: (210) 565-3578

United States Coast Guard:
Mark Davenport
Afloat Safety Program Manager
Safety Assurance and Risk Reduction, CG-1132
U.S. Coast Guard, Stop 7907
2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE
Washington, DC 20593-7907
Email: Mark.r.davenport2@uscg.mil
Phone: (202) 475-5219

National Guard:
Sergeant Major John T. Raines
1636 Defense Pentagon (2E630)
Washington, DC
Email: john.t.raines2.mil@mail.mil
Phone: (703) 693-5055

For more information contact:

Kevin Isherwood
Military Department, 1CW
One GEICO Plaza
Washington, DC 20076
Email: KIsherwood@geico.com
Phone: (240) 786-2775