CA Good Driver Discount

A Good Driver, as defined by CIC § 1861.025, is one who:

  1. Has verifiable license experience for at least the previous three years; or
  2. Has been licensed in the United States or Canada for the most recent 18 months, which experience must be verifiable, and certifies the previous 18 months of license experience in any jurisdiction outside of the United States or Canada; and
  3. Has not accrued more than one Department of Motor Vehicles point in the last three years. A point is usually assigned for a vehicle code violation or a "principally at-fault" accident, as defined by California Code of Regulations Title 10 § 2632.13; and, if the driver was involved in a "principally at-fault" accident, it must not have resulted in injury or death; and
  4. Has not had a conviction during the past ten years for specific driving under the influence (drug or alcohol) related driving offenses or specific felony convictions of the California Vehicle Code, per CIC § 1861.025.

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