GEICO Glass & Windshield Insurance Claims

GEICO may be able to help when your vehicle's windshield or glass is damaged. This is usually covered under comprehensive coverage. GEICO also provides a glass claim service that is fast and convenient.

Our goal is to have you back on the road with a high-quality repair as quickly as possible. The following guide to the glass claim process will help you understand how GEICO can help when your vehicle's glass is damaged.

What should I do if my vehicle glass breaks?

Report the damage to GEICO as soon as possible. You can report your claim online and schedule a convenient appointment for the glass damage to be repaired or replaced.

If an entire piece of glass has been broken out of your vehicle, you should try to protect your car's interior from weather damage. Park in a garage if possible, or cover the opening with tape and plastic. Be careful not to injure yourself on broken glass.

Does my insurance policy cover broken glass?

Broken glass is generally handled under your Comprehensive Physical Damage Coverage, which is usually subject to a deductible. Log into your auto insurance policy and see if you have Comprehensive Physical Damage Coverage.

Can glass damage be repaired?

If you have a chip or crack on your windshield that is smaller than a dollar bill, it could be repairable. Benefits of repairing your windshield include:

  • If you have the appropriate coverage, GEICO will waive your deductible when you have your glass repaired
  • The repair process only takes about 30 minutes
  • Repairing your windshield leaves the original factory-installed seal in place
  • Windshield repair leaves only a slight blemish that will become less noticeable over time

This material is intended for general information only. It does not expand coverage beyond the policy contract. Please refer to your policy contract for any specific information or questions on applicability of coverage.