Renters Insurance Information by State

Renters Insurance Information by State

Moving to a new state? Or just want to learn about your state's specific renters insurance requirements? Find renters insurance coverages and discounts in your state that meets your unique needs and budget.

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Renters Insurance and Why You Need It

If you're renting an apartment, then probably the last thing you're thinking about is renters insurance.

You may not own where you live, but you do own what is inside the walls of the apartment, condo, etc. You are also responsible for what happens inside the walls. You need to have protection for you and your possessions. Without renters insurance, you'd be responsible for replacing your personal items, even if their loss isn't your fault. You may also be responsible if someone gets hurt inside your walls. Renters insurance can help protect you from having to cover these losses out of your own pocket.

The property owner should have insurance on their building, but it doesn't cover what is inside your walls. Some landlords will even require you show proof of having renters insurance.

You may not think you have any priceless possessions, but they are important to you. Take a moment to think about how much it would cost to replace just the basic items like clothes and furniture, not to mention that nice new TV you purchased. We can help you in making an estimate for the items you may want to consider. Use the GEICO personal property calculator to get you started.

Worried you can't afford renters insurance? You need to ask yourself if I can afford not to have renters insurance based on your estimates to replace your items. Renters insurance can be very affordable. You will be able to decide what deductible you should have. Higher deductibles can decrease the cost of insurance but consider how much you're willing to pay as a deductible if you were to have a claim. Renters insurance is well worth looking into and could save you thousands of dollars, all for a lot less than you might think. Get covered today with a renters insurance quote from GEICO Insurance Agency.

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