2021 Service Award Recipients

GEICO honored six members of the U.S. military with its 2021 GEICO Military Service Awards. This award recognizes service members for their leadership and devoted service in addressing health and safety issues in their local and Military communities.

"GEICO has been dedicated to supporting the men and women serving our country since we opened in 1936," said Jay Snead, GFR Director. "We are proud to continue this tradition for 34 years now. We salute these honorees not only for their military service, but for improving the safety and well-being of others in their communities."

Each recipient made significant contributions in creating safer environments for their fellow citizens in one of these three areas: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention, Fire Safety and Fire Prevention, and Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention.

The GEICO Military Service Awards have recognized members of the U.S. military for their contributions since 1988.

United States Army Corporal Andrew Sharts: Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention

Corporal Sharts has conducted multiple Humvee Safety classes in multiple units. He's instilled that foreign Troopers follow all the proper procedures and helped prevent multiple accidents on snow and ice covered roads while on deployment in Germany and Poland.

While at home, Corporal Sharts volunteers through community centers in Harker Heights, Killeen, and Belton, Texas by helping children after school to complete homework assignments and facilitated reading events. He helps prepare students for high school with knowledge and tips and assists with their resumes when applying for jobs. Corporal Sharts assists in food drives, makes meals, and serves at hosted events. Each Sunday, he works as the Traffic Safety Officer to avoid collisions in a small parking center.

United States Marine Corps. Gunnery Sergeant Anthony D. Mears: Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention

Gunnery Sergeant Mears is a co-founder and Vice President of True Impact Outdoors (Tb), a national 501c3 nonprofit organization designed to take veterans and first responders with disabilities into the outdoors. Since March of 2016, Gunnery Sergeant Mears has logged over 1,460 hours of volunteer time and community service with not only Tb, but also The Fallen Outdoors, the local Veterans of Foreign Wars, as well as aided in rescue efforts during Hurricane Harvey.

Gunnery Sergeant Mears has also participated in, planned, or lead multiple fundraising events for disabled veterans, raising more than $317,000. All money raised went directly to the goal of getting veterans outdoors safely and meeting all their disability needs. Gunnery Sergeant Mears' contributions enabled all of those he worked with to enjoy their time outdoors without accident.

United States Navy Petty Officer First Class AC1 Cierra I. Browne: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

As Command Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor (DAPA), Browne fosters a substance abuse free environment for more than 4,800 enlisted Sailors and Officers while directly managing 21 Departmental Assistant DAPAs.

She personally conducted 72 DAPA screenings and scheduled more than 100 Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program (SARP) screenings and seven Early Intervention IMPACT classes. She facilitated treatment recommendations and placement for 143 cases culminating in the rehabilitation of 33 Sailors with subsequent successful return to full duty.

Petty Officer Browne is a proud member of Women Veterans Interactive (WVI). WVI is a nonprofit organization with a mission to meet women at their point of need, and support them through advocacy, interaction, and outreach. As an active member to the WVI mission, she has dedicated more than 100 hours to working groups, webinars, and development of programs to assist in stabilizing the lives of transitioning female veterans.

Her outreach efforts include offering assistance navigating veteran benefits for women to receive mental health services, substance abuse treatment, and one-on-one coaching to develop resiliency tools necessary for continued success.

United States Navy Hospital Corpsman Nicole L. Bouscal: Fire Safety and Fire Prevention

Hospital Corpsman Nicole L. Bouscal has assisted the Safety Office in conducting 11 fire drills over the last year. Planning, conducting, and evaluating these drills not only ensures the command is in 100% compliance with The Joint Commission but it also ensures the staff understands the proper procedures during a real-world emergency.

Hospital Corpsman Bouscal has spent countless hours training the staff in "Code Red" (Fire) response with special emphasis on protecting non ambulatory patients. In addition, Hospital Corpsman Bouscal has overseen the inspection of 200 workplace fire extinguishers and has always taken pleasure in demonstrating the use of extinguishers during Command Safety Stand Downs.

Hospital Corpsman Bouscal actively surveys the Command's patient care areas seeking deficiencies that violate Life Safety and Fire Codes and reports those deficiencies to the Safety Office for mitigation.

Hospital Corpsman Bouscal's uses her fire safety and prevention knowledge to assist the community by volunteering for such organizations as the Ronald McDonald House where she has volunteered more than 20 hours supporting their initiative. Additionally, Hospital Corpsman Bouscal supports the local Beaufort Water Festival where they rely on her specialty to help keep the massive attending crowds safe over the course of the 10-day long festival.

United States Air Force Sergeant Clayton D. Hults: Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention

Staff Sergeant Hults was hand-picked to develop safe riding habits in motorcyclists across the entire 1st Special Operations Wing's (1 SOW). As a result of his leadership, there were no motorcycle-related deaths within the wing, despite riders commuting daily on the most dangerous highway in Florida.

Additionally, he coordinated the complete overhaul of the Safety Office's instructional programs and rectified 79 traffic safety hazards on Hurlburt Field, leading to an incredible 70% reduction in traffic incidents within the 1 SOW.

United States Army National Guard Technical Sergeant James D. Rambur: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Technical Sergeant Rambur serves as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Drug Demand Reduction for the Oklahoma National Guard Counterdrug Task Force. Technical Sergeant Rambur worked more than 100 missions covering all 77 counties in Oklahoma for a total of 537 hours supported towards drug and alcohol abuse prevention.

He facilitated three drug take back events that registered 495 lbs. of prescription drugs and distributed over 200 lock bags, Naloxone kits, and disposal bags. Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Trainer Technical Sergeant Rambur has instructed course to more than 50 Soldiers and preventions specialists throughout the year. His efforts helped develop more aware Soldiers and Leaders armed with the necessary skills to combat potential drug reliance issues as well as training them on strategic prevention framework.

Technical Sergeant Rambur took it upon himself to host The Oklahoma D.A.R.E. Officer Training (DOT) from June 14, 2021 to June 28, 2021, at Oklahoma National Guard Regional Training Institute where 16 Officers and two Oklahoma National Guardsmen attended. He taught and mentored the 18 future leaders throughout the week.

Technical Sergeant Rambur supported Course for Change (CFC), a 501 3C for at risk youth mentoring program in Oklahoma County. He has volunteered 322.5 hours towards keeping these at-risk youth from falling back into temptation of relying on drugs and alcohol. This program has been such a success that Technical Sergeant Rambur has been asked to work with Civil Operators in the Texas National Guard Counter Drug Task Force on duplicating the CFC program in the Dallas area.