2015 Service Award Recipients

For 28 years, GEICO has honored members of the U.S. Military for their achievements and contributions to the civilian and Military community through a program of special recognition.

Since 1988, GEICO has recognized and honored our Military Service Award recipients. The outstanding Military members you see here are being recognized for their work in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention, Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention, and Fire Safety and Fire Prevention. The recipients represent each branch of the Military including the Guard/Reserve communities. The work of these young men and women includes not only what they do for their commands, but what they do for the communities in which they live and work. GEICO is honored to be able to recognize such outstanding Military members and citizens.

United States Army Ryan M. BeitlerBeitler

Ryan M. Beitler is the Army recipient of the 2015 GEICO Military Service Award for his work in Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention.

Sergeant Beitler works as a traffic accident investigator for the 42nd Military Police Detachment, 503rd Military Police Battalion (Airborne), 16th Military Police Brigade, Fort Bragg, NC.

Sergeant Beitler has served the Fort Bragg Military and Civilian Community with distinction for more than 2 years. He implemented creative and effective initiatives to protect children, deter traffic violations, prevent DUIs, and improve drivers' safety. SGT Beitler assisted in refining the Supplemental Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP). This program provides a detailed analysis of the number of vehicles, time of day, day of the week, and type of vehicles traveling the Fort Bragg roadways. He also utilized the STEP to help create the School Bus Safety Initiative which utilizes cameras to record and document school bus stop arm violators. This resulted in a 93% decrease in violations and enhanced the safety of school children. SGT Beitler provided safety information and hands on experience of the wisdom of wearing a seat belt through the use of the seat belt convincer to more than 1,000 personnel. His higher headquarters requested that he be an instructor for their Safety Stand Down Day and he has provided many driving while intoxicated safety briefs for many tenant units on Fort Bragg.

United States Marine Corps Kwan S. CochraneCochrane

Kwan S. Cochrane is the Marine Corps recipient of the 2015 GEICO Military Service Award for his work in Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention.

Gunnery Sergeant Cochrane is the Ground Safety Manager for Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501 aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina.

Gunnery Sergeant Cochrane used noteworthy initiative and exceptional competence to revitalize Marine Aircraft Group 31's ground safety program, with particular focus on fall prevention. His implementation of an active fall protection program ensures safe operations throughout his command and reduces risk to aircraft during maintenance evolutions. His efforts have measurably increased the effectiveness of aircraft maintenance at his command while simultaneously ensuring the safety of the Marine maintainers who routinely encounter extreme hazards in the course of F-35B maintenance. His practical approach has been instrumental in positively impacting the cultural attitude regarding fall protection. Gunnery Sergeant Cochrane's program serves as a model for fall protection within the Marine Corps, and the Joint Strike Fighter Program.

United States Navy Ian M. GravesGraves

Ian M. Graves is the Navy recipient of the 2015 GEICO Military Service Award for his work in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention.

Petty Officer Graves is assigned as a Navy Auxiliary Security Forces Leading Petty Officer, Strategic Communications Wing ONE, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma.

Petty Officer Graves is the Operations Director, Camp Director, and Mentor for the Drug Education for Youth Program (DEFY) hosted by his command, a position he has held since 2013. He coordinated, planned, and oversaw all activities within the DEFY Program. In addition, he led 33 training evolutions where he devoted more than 479 hours of his off-duty time educating over 80 Military dependent youths in the areas of drug and alcohol awareness and prevention, goal setting, relationships, conflict resolution, substance abuse prevention, leadership, teamwork skills, self-esteem, gang resistance, and cyber awareness. Petty Officer Graves ensured a smoothly ran DEFY Phase One Camp, built a positive rapport between the camp staff and parents, and made a significant positive investment in the future of the graduates.

Petty Officer Graves never hesitates to volunteer his time and efforts. While serving in Rota, Spain, he volunteered 172 hours at the local thrift shop. In his current assignment he has helped the Oklahoma City Project Hugs Organization pack and ship over 2,000 care packages for service members around the world for every holiday season.

Petty Officer Graves is married and he and his wife, Patricia, have a four year old daughter.

United States Air Force Michael D. ChampionChampion

Michael D. Champion is the Air Force recipient of GEICO's 2015 Military Service Award for his work in Fire Safety and Fire Prevention.

Master Sergeant Champion is currently assigned as a Technical Training Instructor, at the 312th Training Squadron, Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas.

Master Sergeant Champion deployed to the Middle East, and led 421 inspections and fixed 875 fire hazards, reducing fires by 92%. He also created 10 "Train the Trainer" Fire Warden Programs at forward operation bases, ensuring the safety of 600 frontline warfighters, keeping them focused and engaged in the fight. MSgt Champion led in the development of cutting edge health and safety initiatives that played a key role in the selection of Goodfellow Air Force Base as the Department of Defense's (DOD) "Best Small Fire Department of the Year".

Master Sergeant Champion is also a volunteer firefighter in his local community. He responded to a roll-over car accident and immediately took control and expedited air and ground transports, and saved 5 lives. In another very serious incident, he utilized the "Jaws of Life" to free victims trapped in an icy 26 car pile-up on an interstate highway where his efforts resulted in zero loss of life.

Master Sergeant Champion is married and he and his wife, Andrea, have three children.

United States Coast Guard Trent J. LamunLamun

Trent J. Lamun is the Coast Guard recipient of the 2015 GEICO Military Service Award for his work in Fire Safety and Fire Prevention.

Petty Officer Lamun is assigned to the Health, Safety, and Work-Life Service Center, Norfolk, VA.

Petty Officer Lamun developed a Confined Space Entry and Rescue Drill which was approved by the Office of Cutter Forces. Working with Surface Force Logistics Center he discovered a flaw in the water mist fire-fighting systems of USCG Cutters that placed Coast Guardsmen at risk of death or personal injury. In addition to this safety challenge, he was also a principle member of another Cutter specific Main Space Fire Doctrine Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures involving the safety of damage control parties and Cutter overhaul crews concerning the awareness of the lead and asbestos hazards. In addition to the life-saving changes PO Lamun has instituted, his knowledge was extremely important in the development of the Shipboard Fire Prevention and Fire Marshall Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures.

Petty Officer Lamun and his wife, Tabatha, have one daughter.

Air National Guard Joi A. PearsonPearson

Joi A. Pearson is the Reserve/National Guard recipient of the 2015 GEICO Military Service Award for her work in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention.

At the time of nomination, Master Sergeant Pearson was assigned as the Superintendent of Officer Promotion Board Eligibility, Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center, Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado.

Master Sergeant Pearson is a certified Victim Advocate and has responded to many victim calls handling all in a manner that ensured the support, safety, and security of the victims. Among many other outstanding on-duty accomplishments, she conducted multiple Sexual Assault Prevention and Response briefings; planned, organized, and led a unit Wingman Day event; lead 108 DWI, Relapse Prevention and Anger Management classes; and facilitated 2 enlisted force structure forums with 135 Airmen, multiplying member awareness with a 97% survey rating. She is a skilled noncommissioned officer leader overseeing more than 8,000 human resource actions, supervising a 5 person team, and leading the team to a nomination for a quarterly award. She is a consummate volunteer, assisting her unit Honor Guard, the unit Top 3 Club, Spread the Word Committee, and Blacks in Government. She also devoted 8 hours to the local homeless, volunteered as a Colorado Youth Mentor empowering 12 at-risk families at 3 high schools, and gave 30 plus hours to Team Buckley Airmen Against Drunk Driving.