2014 Service Award Recipients

For 26 years, GEICO has honored members of the U.S. Military for their achievements and contributions to the civilian and Military community through a program of special recognition.

Since 1988, GEICO has recognized and honored our Military Service Award recipients. The outstanding Military members you see here are being recognized for their work in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention, Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention, and Fire Safety and Fire Prevention. The recipients represent each branch of the Military including the Guard/Reserve communities. The work of these young men and women includes not only what they do for their commands, but what they do for the communities in which they live and work. GEICO is honored to be able to recognize such outstanding Military members and citizens.

United States Army Darnell D. LockwoodLockwood

Darnell D. Lockwood is the Army recipient of the 2014 GEICO Military Service Award for his work in Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention.

Specialist Lockwood is assigned as a Team Chief in Charlie Company, 425th Troop Battalion, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska.

Specialist Lockwood has volunteered over 150 hours with the Joint Base Against Drunk Driving (JBADD) program since his recent arrival, providing transportation to any service member needing a safe ride home. His commitment to selfless service and sense of duty to military members helped significantly decrease the number of soldiers and airmen who would otherwise make poor decisions that could potentially cost them their careers and needlessly put lives in danger.

Specialist Lockwood's superb performance and unparalleled devotion to promoting traffic safety and accident prevention not only contributed to his command's readiness posture, but also fostered excellent relations between the military and civilian communities.

United States Marine Corps Matthew E. McQueenMcQueen

Matthew E. McQueen is the Marine Corps recipient of the 2014 GEICO Military Service Award for his work in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention.

Staff Sergeant McQueen was nominated while assigned to Second Recruit Training Battalion, Recruit Training Regiment, Marine Corps Recruiting Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina. He is an experienced drill instructor currently serving as the S-3 Scheduling and Training NCO. Since 2008, Staff Sergeant McQueen has volunteered his time counseling at risk youth and adults in Greenville, TN, on the dangers and risks of drug addiction and alcohol abuse. His leadership and work in that community was vital in raising enough money to fund the purchase of special equipment and supplies used for infants suffering from Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), a condition impacting infants who are born to addicted mothers, who themselves become addicted.

Staff Sergeant McQueen's work in drug and alcohol abuse prevention is especially noteworthy considering the arduous nature of his assignments while on active duty. His service not only provides a valuable service to the civilian community but also brings credit to the Marine Corps.

Staff Sergeant McQueen is married to Jennifer and they have two children.

United States Navy Mario R. BrioliBrioli

Mario R. Brioli is the Navy recipient of the 2014 GEICO Military Service Award for his work in Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention.

Chief Brioli is assigned to the USS Chafee (DDG 90), as the Divisional Leading Chief, Combat Fires Division, Combat Systems Department, Honolulu, HI.

Chief Brioli serves as the USS Chafee's Motorcycle and Traffic Safety Program Coordinator. He dedicated 82 off-duty hours to conduct motorcycle safety briefings, facilitate new driver safety courses, enroll motorcycle riders into safe riding courses, execute new motorcycle check rides and teach new cycle owners safe riding and maintenance techniques. He spent 120 off-duty hours coordinating 56 new driver training courses for 24 vehicle/cycle owners under the age of 25, saving sailors over $10K in registration fees/cost. He mentors 24 motorcycle riders and maintains a file on each, ensuring all safety requirements are up-to-date. He has also dedicated 95 hours of hands-on training and practical instruction.

Chief Brioli's dedication to upholding traffic safety training and standards has been vital to maintaining the zero fatalities and traffic accidents of Chafee sailors.

Chief Brioli is married to his wife Darcy and they have 2 children.

United States Air Force Keval A. SmithSmith

Keval A. Smith is the Air Force recipient of the 2014 GEICO Military Service Award for his work in Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention.

Master Sergeant Smith is assigned to the 45th Civil Engineering Squadron, Patrick Air Force Base, Florida, as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) Unit Safety and Vehicle Control.

Master Sergeant Smith expertly led the 45th Space Wing's largest safety program and was responsible for the Wing's vehicle fleet. He coordinated 310 inspections and managed 155 vehicles valued at $5.4M and preserved $3.2B in infrastructure. As the 45th Wing Motorcycle Safety representative, he conducted 45 inspections and trained 90 riders on safe cycle operations during his off-duty time. Additionally, he piloted a motorcycle mentor ride, leading 40 riders on safe group riding which helped to improve riding skills resulting in a 15% decrease in cycle mishaps. Finally, he was a key member of the 45th Wing Airmen Against Drunk Driving (AADD) program which informed over 1K base personnel on the benefits of the AADD program and the perils of drunk driving.

Master Sergeant Smith's distinctive accomplishments reflect great credit upon himself and the US Air Force.

Master Sergeant Smith is married to his wife Sabrina and they have a daughter.

United States Coast Guard Jennifer GramataGramata

Jennifer Gramata is the Coast Guard recipient of the 2014 GEICO Military Service Award for her work in Fire Safety and Fire Prevention.

Petty Officer Gramata is assigned as a Marine Inspector, Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay, Prevention Department, Philadelphia, PA.

Petty Officer Gramata serves as an exemplary leader in the Facility and Container Compliance Branch. Her technical savvy and dedication allowed her unit to identify and uphold fire and safety requirements that have positively impacted over 75 container yards, oil terminals and hazardous materials facilities in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, promoting the safety of over 3,000 commercial vessels calling on our ports. She also developed professional relationships to educate facility operators and closely coordinated with local fire marshals. Her efforts raised the fire prevention awareness of the facilities employees and ensured numerous vessel port calls were conducted safely at these facilities with a minimized threat of fire.

Petty Officer Gramata is single and lives within commuting distance of family and friends.

National Guard/Reserve Crandall B. ThomsonThompson

Sergeant Crandall B. Thomson is the Guard/Reserve Component recipient of the 2014 GEICO Military Service Award for his work in Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention.

Sergeant Thomson is assigned as an Aviation Airframes Mechanic, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 112, Naval Air Station, Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, Fort Worth, Texas.

Since taking over as the unit Safety Manager, he has completely revamped the entire unit safety program, from top to bottom, resulting in zero work related injuries in 2014. He also manages his squadron motorcycle riding club, consisting of nearly 30 active and reserve Marines. His dedication to motorcycle safety is evident as there were zero motorcycle mishaps in 2014. As a result of his dedication, hard work, and attention to detail, his squadron was awarded the Secretary of the Navy's 2014 Safety Excellence Award.

Sergeant Thomson's dedication to the safety of all Marines is unrelenting. His devotion is reflective, both on and off duty, of his strong desire to maintain a high standard of safety.

Sergeant Thomson is married to his wife Jennifer, and they have two sons.