2016 Service Award Recipients

For 29 years, GEICO has honored members of the U.S. Military for their achievements and contributions to the civilian and Military community through a program of special recognition.

Since 1988, GEICO has recognized and honored our Military Service Award recipients. The outstanding Military members you see here are being recognized for their work in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention, Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention, and Fire Safety and Fire Prevention. The recipients represent each branch of the Military including the Guard/Reserve communities. The work of these young men includes not only what they do for their commands, but what they do for the communities in which they live and work. GEICO is honored to be able to recognize such outstanding Military members and citizens.

United States Army Julio M. MellaMella

Julio M. Mella is the Army recipient of the 2016 GEICO Military Service Award for his work in Fire Safety and Fire Prevention.

Sergeant First Class Mella is assigned to the US Army Garrison at Fort Campbell, KY, as the Senior Administrative Noncommissioned Officer.

Sergeant First Class Mella has been a volunteer firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician for Oak Grove, KY, since 2008 where he has responded to more than 500 emergencies in the last two years. Additionally, he volunteers as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for Montgomery County, TN. In 2011 he was awarded the Community Service Ribbon for his service to the Oak Grove, KY, Community and in 2012 he was awarded the Upstanding Volunteer Service Medal for volunteering more than 4,000 hours as a volunteer fire fighter and EMT. In addition he also volunteers as a mentor for high school students with the tnAchieves organization.

United States Marine Corps Lawrence D. LucyLucy

Lawrence D. Lucy is the Marine Corps recipient of the 2016 GEICO Military Service Award for his work in Fire Safety and Fire Prevention.

When nominated, Lance Corporal Lucy was the supply clerk for Headquarters and Service Battalion, Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia. He is now assigned to Artillery Battery N, 5th Battalion, 4th Marine Division at Seal Beach, California.

Lance Corporal Lucy gave his free time to ensure the safety and well-being of the Military and Civilian communities aboard and near Marine Corps Base Quantico. His volunteer work with the Dumfries-Triangle Volunteer Fire Department exceeded more than 400 hours in the last year of his assignment aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico. During those volunteer hours he provided timely, effective, and professional services at the scenes of 14 vehicle accidents, 27 injury or sickness calls, 6 reported gas leaks, and 3 fires. He is certified in infectious disease control, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, First Aid, use of the Automated External Defibrillator, and in Federal Emergency Management Agency Training.

United States Navy Cyprus V. AbundoAbundo

Cyprus V. Abundo is the Navy Recipient of the 2016 GEICO Military Service Award for his work in Fire Safety and Fire Prevention.

Chief Petty Officer Abundo is the Safety Department Leading Chief Petty Officer aboard the USS Frank Cable (AS 40), Agana, Guam.

As Damage Control Coordinator, he exceeded all areas of fire safety and fire prevention requirements, including an unprecedented 2,965 in-theater repairs to forward-deployed submarines. He also executed over 60 integrated ship-wide casualty drills—resulting in an outstanding grade from MSC Afloat Training Team Inspectors—and aggressively managed 20 command safety programs, reducing safety discrepancies by 85% onboard. He led ship-wide safety inspections that were praised by Naval Safety Center for creating the "best Safety Department they have ever inspected." His efforts have reduced fire hazard, material loss and material damage by 82%, and led to USS Frank Cable (AS 40) earning FY 15 Chief of Naval Operations Afloat Safety Award and FY15 Secretary of the Navy Afloat Safety Award.

United States Air Force Lee M. ElamElam

Lee M. Elam is the Air Force recipient of GEICO's 2016 Military Service Award for his work in Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention. When nominated, Technical Sergeant Elam was assigned as the Occupational Safety Technician at the 325th Fighter Wing, Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida.

Technical Sergeant Elam oversaw the base occupational safety program ensuring safety for 10K personnel and $2.8B in facilities. Additionally he provided commanders' safety consultations supporting the Air Force's largest F-22 wing with 55 aircraft valued at $10.45B. His efforts contributed significantly to the 325th Fighter Wing's outstanding record of zero class A or B mishaps in the last 4 years.

Technical Sergeant Elam was directly responsible for the base Motorcycle Safety and Mishap Investigation programs; providing motorcycle safety for more than 400 riders and investigating, identifying, and correcting mishap root causes. Technical Sergeant Elam's work and leadership in motorcycle safety led to his program being recognized as the best program in Air Combat Command.

United States Coast Guard Sean C. FarrarFarrar

Sean C. Farrar is the Coast Guard recipient of the 2016 GEICO Military Service Award for his work in Fire Safety and Fire Prevention. He is assigned to Coast Guard Air Station/Sector Field Office Port Angeles, Washington.

Petty Officer Farrar identified critical gaps in the local Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) program, including deficiencies in the number of rescue personnel, the need for annual live-fire and monthly drills, poorly maintained exposure suits and Self Contained Breathing Apparatuses, and that the fire safety response vehicle was beyond its service life. In collaboration with the unit Safety Department, he rewrote Air Station policy, implemented a comprehensive overhaul to the training program, and ultimately achieved compliance with Coast Guard policy. Petty Officer Farrar's actions lead to 840 hours of certified firefighter training for local personnel and reduced the unit's ARFF response time to less than three minutes on-scene time.

Marine Forces Reserve Jose T. MontoyaMontoya

Jose T. Montoya is the Reserve/National Guard recipient of the 2016 GEICO Military Service Award for his work in Traffic Safety and Accident Prevention.

Gunnery Sergeant Montoya is assigned to Headquarters Battery, 14th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division of Marine Forces Reserve aboard Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, Texas.

Gunnery Sergeant Montoya is the platoon sergeant for the Motor Transport, Utilities, and Engineering Platoon of Headquarters Battery. According to his Battery Commander, Gunnery Sergeant Montoya "is one of the strongest staff noncommissioned officers in the battery." The Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization recognized Gunnery Sergeant Montoya as the Lewisville Police Officer of the Year in both 2011 and 2012 while he was serving as a Patrol Officer. Gunnery Sergeant Montoya serves as the DWI Enforcement Officer for Lewisville, Texas, where he has been a police officer since 2008. His proactive methods have resulted in 725 traffic enforcement stops, issue of 280 warnings, and 445 citations in the last 3 years alone. He has been recognized by LEADRS (Law Enforcement Advanced DUI/DWI Reporting System) as being in the top 10 of all Texas Police Officers four years in a row and as the number 1 Police Officer in the State in 2014.